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Absolique Hair Health Clinic Wins Peoples Choice Award



Driven To Succeed, Absolique Hair Health Clinic
Proves That Passion Has Its Rewards.


Customer satisfaction rates increased in the first quarter of 2013 to
prove that small business is still a hot favourite among savvy and loyal
consumers with the retail and service sectors topping the list.


Peoples Choice Award April 2013
Every year, the Australian Excellence Awards receives hundreds of entries from
business owners and managers in any one of its three major categories of Service
Excellence, Employer of Choice, and Women in Business Awards. And with each
passing year, the calibre of the Award Nominees grows to match what these Awards
aim to do – recognise and honour exemplary performance in service, diversity,
leadership and engagement for small and medium-sized businesses.
Managed by the Business Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), the
Australian Excellence Awards also give valuable insights on the health of Australian
businesses, in particular, consumer confidence and satisfaction. And it also gives us
the opportunity to acknowledge and reward our best performers.
In the first quarter for 2013, the Customer Satisfaction Score rose 2.4 percentage
points to 91.3%, to deliver an exceptional result on the back of stronger than
expected post-Christmas trading. Today, we honour those businesses that exceeded
our National Benchmark Ratings with the People’s Choice Award.
Absolique Hair Health Clinic has established itself as an industry leader. Like so
many of our Award Finalists and Winners, they understand that quality in service and
team engagement is the key driver for their performance, and ultimately their
success. And in connecting proactively and effectively with customers, good
businesses have the potential to become great businesses.
Apart from producing a great result in the online surveys, Absolique Hair Health
Clinic successfully demonstrated a thorough understanding of their market, which will
secure them recognition for their efforts, increased productivity, and long-term
sustainability, which they have not only earned, but also deserve.
For more information, please contact:
Carolyn Evans-Frost at Absolique Hair Health Clinic
Phone : +61 7 3229 3242
Web: www.absoliquehairhealthclinic.com.au
Luke Chiodo-Gurr
Association Secretary
Business Owners And Managers Association
Home of the Australian Excellence Awards
GPO Box 1358 Melbourne Victoria 3001
Phone: 03 8358 5637 or Fax: 03 9020 2698
Online: awards.boma.org.au or email@boma.org.au
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