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Hopefully if you were using Neways Nutritionals for combination therapy hair loss treatments you have transitioned over to Modere without any hiccups. You should have been able to access the new website with your Neways password and user name. https://www.modere.com.au/

Please let us know if you have had any problems logging in or accessing your account. As you should know, we do prefer if you buy your recommended nutritional products direct online as you do get a good saving compared to buying retail from Absolique Hair Health Clinic. Always follow your treatment instructions and not the dosage or instructions on individual nutritional products from Modere.

Modere is Here, new product names for most recommended nutritionals:

  • Natural Mineral Drink was Feroxin
  • EFA Krill is still EFA Krill
  • Adult Multivitamin was Orachel
  • Antioxidant was Revenol
  • Probiotic was Lactoflora
  • Hair, Skin and Nails was C-Pil Plus

Green Qi is still transitioning so keep an eye out for available date expected to be mid-December. In the meanwhile we do have loads in stock at Absolique so drop in or phone/email your order and we can pop in in the post for you. Remember here how important Green Qi is to facilitate the absorption of the nutritionals we are using for cellular correction with combination therapy hair loss treatments. Unless your pH is perfect and you are eating organic with correct food combining, have no stress and get 7 hours sleep a night… you need the Green Qi for the supplement to absorb.

If you were a Neways member you will have access to ‘Legacy Products’ from the drop down box under your account icon top right of the new website. Neways Green Qi is still available here for you. For new Modere members who joined after 1/9/15 you will need to get your Green Qi from Absolique until it is available or contact us so we can recommend an alternative safe formula that we have researched.

C-Pil Plus is yet to transition and will be known as ‘Hair Skin & Nails, available date has not yet been released to keep an eye on your emails from Absolique and Modere for the news. C-Pil Plus supports healthy hair, skin, nails and circulation, it is an amazing product and for us at Absolique it speeds up our hair loss treatment results, but one must remember that the base nutritional products are required first for cellular correction. So going without C-Pil Plus is not a problem at all, it will just slow things down a little. In most cases after the first four months of hair loss treatments we halve the dose or stop using it altogether, but base nutrition always remains either from simple supplementation or changes to what and how you eat.

For Neways members now with Modere, you will now have a choice about the level of your membership when your annual renewal comes around. You can now simply join under ‘Retail’ and the membership fee is waived. This is one of the main benefits for Absolique Hair Health Clinic clients from the transition. Please contact us at Absolique Hair Health Clinic for any further clarification or assistance transitioning from Neways to Modere.

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