Absolique Scope Sessions to Map and Track Hair Loss Treatments

As Absolique Hair Health Clinic founder and Trichologist your results are very important to me. Hair Loss Treatment and Hair Thinning Treatments are a choice which is made by understanding your correct diagnosis which I provide for you once microscopic images, digital images, health history, hair history have been provided or established.

With all this information I am able to explain the science behind the causes and symptoms of your hair and scalp concerns to offer you a treatment plan that starts with basic topical but may also include suggested complete combination therapy.

Absolique Scope Sessions to Map and Track Hair Loss Treatments:

  • An accurate way to track stability and results
  • Can reassure you that your hair growth is stable
  • Will show progress of Hair Loss Treatments
  • Will also show progress of Hair Thinning Treatments
  • Checks in on your health and hair cycle
  • Always looks for Pattern Thinning
  • Should never be closer than 4 months apart

Hair Loss Treatments and Hair Thinning Treatment is a choice, so I help you to decide what is important to you at the stage in your life considering your expected outcome, time, finance and lifestyle. There are always many levels of hair loss treatments offered but I do guide you through the best order to follow to achieve your personal expectations always with honest outcomes discussed.

Whatever your chosen action, even if you chose none as you will by now understand if immediate action is required or you just may need to take care of some health concerns, we can track your hair and scalp health which gives you peace of mind and something to compare to at any time in the future.

Absolique Scope Sessions to Map and Track Hair Loss Treatments in our Brisbane Clinic and North Sydney location but we also offer Skype and phone services for those who can’t make it to see me in person. Contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic reception team by calling our main number 07 3229 3242 or email Trichologist Carolyn Evans-Frost info@absolique.com.au for more information or instructions to perform your own scope sessions.

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Absolique Scope Sessions to Map and Track Hair Loss Treatments