Absolique Trichology Clinic shares Vitamin D

Research into the health benefits associated with Vitamin D has been growing strong over the past years. The number of publications with Vitamin D in the title or abstract list at pubmed.gov increased from 3,119 in 2011 to 3,919 in 2014. Check out Top Vitamin D Research pf 2014 by William B. Grant, PhD http://credence.org/Eblast/290915vitd/vitd-1.htm. This is a very in depth presentation reporting on 20 papers presented in 2014.

Another interesting paper Vitamin D – A Summary, covers Vitamin D RDA (recommended daily allowance), sun dosing, testing, age/oral dosage and resources http://credence.org/Eblast/290915vitd/vitd-2.htm .

Absolique Trichology Clinic shares Vitamin D – A Summary, the latest research recommends the following interpretations:

  • < 20 nmol/L – seriously deficient
  • 40 nmol/L – very deficient
  • 40 – 100 nmol/L – deficient
  • 130 – 150 nmol/L – normal
  • 170 – 200 nmol/L – therapeutic
  • > 230 nmol/L – toxic threshold

If you do require Vitamin D supplementation be sure to find minim of 1000IU in capsule form or equivalent or follow your healthcare provides advise. Take supplementation in a pH alkaline environment preferably with Green Drink to ensure effective absorption and be sure to check levels are raising before adjusting or stopping Vitamin D supplements. Always consult with your healthcare provider before making changes to recommended allowances.

Absolique Trichology Clinic shares Vitamin D latest research to help you address low vitamin D levels in conjunction with nutritional hair loss treatments combination therapy. Contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic for more information 07 3229 3242 email info@absolique.com.au

Absolique Trichology Clinic shares Vitamin D