After Hair Loss Treatments with Absolique Hair Health Clinic

After Hair Loss Treatments with Absolique Hair Health Clinic and during holiday time it can be difficult to stick to your full hair loss treatments plan so be reassured skipping a few steps or missing a few days is not going to have an impact on your results if you follow some simple rules.

When you continue with some basic steps from your individual Absolique hair loss treatment plan, a short term break will be ok but one cannot drop out altogether especially in the 1st four months of your hair loss treatments. The most difficult and time consuming component is the microneedle, so during holiday time and when on maintenance hair loss treatments it is ok to drop this step at every treatment but one must do the full treatment plan at least once a week.

Holiday Hair Loss Treatments and After Hair Loss Treatments with Absolique Hair Health Clinic:

  • Scalp Brush Therapy
  • Scalp Cleanser
  • Scalp Tonique
  • Activance
  • Absolique GRN

You can also drop out the scalp tonique for a short time frame, but you must then really focus on the scalp brush therapy and scalp cleansing. Absolique scalp tonique opens the hair follicle allowing easier absorption of natural hair growth products and then the microneedle creates microchannel for further absorption and also a natural injury reaction which completes combination therapy hair loss treatments.

Holiday Hair Loss Treatments would be ok for a maximum of 3 weeks but you will need to get back into your normal full routine after 3 weeks for best results. Most hair loss treatment plans are applied every second day or three times and week, so please continue the frequency recommended for you during and after Holiday Hair Loss Treatments.

Feel free to email Absolique Trichologist with any questions about Holiday Hair Loss Treatments or call our friendly reception team on 07 3229 3242 to be sure about your plan before we break for our holidays…

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After Hair Loss Treatments with Absolique Hair Health Clinic