Alkalising with Hair Loss Treatment

Alkalising with Hair Loss Treatment

Alkalising with Hair Loss Treatment

Life brings about all sorts of temptations and stretches of our limitations. The main thing we want to avoid here is the thought of restrictions, like when on a diet. Lifestyle changes take time as will Alkalising with Hair Loss Treatment, balance is the key. It is ok to let your hair down, so to speak, and have a good time without feeling like your missing out.

When you know you have food sensitivities, it is best to go easy on the things that cause upset or pain. Learn to listen to your body and decide if the side effects are worth the indulgence. Remember, balance it the key. One day or one meal may not make a big difference to you, unless you experience ongoing side effect from exposure to the allergens.

Alkalising with Hair Loss Treatment:

  • Balance is the key
  • Be aware of food sensitivities
  • Check your pH
  • Use Acid Buffer as required

When exposed to foods and drinks that may not be within the guidelines of pH balance, alkaline eating or correct food combining, you can help your body to buffer the acids by using an acid buffer. Absolique have a readymade acid buffer that can be used in festive situations. It simply helps to buffer you though the night to help achieve a better body pH balance in the morning.

It can be difficult to balance pH in any normal environment, some of us struggle. The acid buffer can help if morning pH is lower than 7 or if you have had acid foods, beverages or been exposed to stress, or all of these. By taking acid buffer before bed, may help to eliminate any ‘side effects’ in the morning. You use Absolique Acid Buffer or ask us for a recipe to make your own, try organic apple cider vinegar and coconut water as alternatives. For more information about Alkalising with Hair Loss Treatment please email Absolique Hair Health Clinic Trichologist share you hair loss treatment stories and questions or call our reception team 07 3229 3242 who are always happy to help.

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