Alkalizers Assist Hair Loss Solution

At Absolique we practice alkalizing as the ‘alkaline’ pH of at least 7.0 is required for proper body function. When we are dealing with hair loss, hair thinning, hair loss treatments and scalp conditions, the causes are in most cases from within and a result of body imbalance.

Restoring body balance through Absolique hair loss treatments with alkalizing ensures we are not just addressing symptoms but also causes, which is why we need the body in the best possible zone for nutrition to work by ensuring digestion, absorption and transportation of the elements we are placing back into the body.

Alkalizers Assist Hair Loss Treatments:

  • Body pH of 7 is the goal
  • Most of us are acid with pH of less than 6.0
  • Incorrect pH will effect digestion, absorption and transportation
  • Green Qi is used to facilitate the digestion of nutritional supplements
  • Green Qi does not alkalize the body
  • Acid Buffer is used to help the body reach a higher pH when needed
  • Acid Buffer does not alkalize the body

We use Green Qi and Acid Buffer to assist in ensuring nutrients absorb, but alone or even in combination, cannot alkalize the body. It is wrong to think taking some powders is all that is required for balanced pH. There are so many elements that effect body pH and this is what really needs to addressed, go back to your Easy pH Green Book and have a read, all the tips are there.

In some cases you will also be dealing with a build-up of toxins that simple happen throughout life from expose to elements you probably are not aware of. So if you are making all the right changes, managing stress and have good health on the surface yet your pH won’t raise, this is most likely the case and a chat about your life will find some clues as to where they came from. It is important to understand pH balance is not essential for the success of hair loss treatments as long as you use the alkalizers. Green Qi and Acid Buffer are our little cheat factors and can reduce the stress of making many changes to become alkaline.

Oral chelation helps to eliminate toxins which in turn raises pH along with diet and lifestyle changes, but this is not necessary nor recommended in the first four months of hair loss treatments but optional once you are in your maintenance phase keeping in mind we don’t require that to grow hair as long as you stick with the alkalizers. Obviously the more balanced you pH, the healthier you are, and you are actually taking preventive measures to protect against future health and hair concerns.

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Alkalizers Assist Hair Loss Solution