Autoimmune Hair Loss with Probiotics and Base Nutrition

When addressing problems with the immune system, it is important to reduce exposure to free radicals and things that may cause extra work on the bodies stores. Stress is a common denominator with autoimmune problems, however, it is not the stress alone that is the problem, but the effect it has on the bodies reserves and in turn the immune system.

Supporting body nutrition is fundamental to eliminating and controlling continued or spasmodic autoimmune attacks. Regular check ins on blood test will help us to help you read your body storage and absorption, as this can also be an underlying autoimmune problem where one can drive the other.

Autoimmune Hair Loss with Probiotics and Base Nutrition, important blood test indicators:

  • Hemoglobin
  • Full blood studies
  • Good cholesterol and Bad cholesterol ration HDL/LDL
  • Full iron studies
  • Vitamin D status
  • Vitamin B12 levels
  • Thyroid studies
  • Blood sugar levels

Probiotics are a common nutritional supplement readily available at any pharmacy or health food store, but, just as ‘oils ain’t oils’, it is the quality, strength and volume that is important. We trust and recommend Modere Probiotic Support, a drink mix concentrate with beneficial bacteria and prebiotic fibers.

With 30 billion beneficial bacteria packed in every dose, Modere Probiotic contains a proprietary symbiotic blend of pre and probiotic ingredients to help maintain an optimum balance or good bacteria within the intestines. The prebiotic’s in Probiotic are non-digestible fibers that simulate or ‘feed’ the probiotics to help them multiply and restore the bacterial balance of the gut.

Modere Probiotic’s innovative dual sachet packs separate the probiotics from the prebiotics until they need to be taken, prolonging the products shelf life. Readily soluble with a slightly sweet taste, Probiotic is designed to blend well with water or mix with Modere Green Qi as recommended by Absolique Hair Health Clinic.

Base nutrition is important for cellular support and includes in order of importance: pH balance, organic minerals, essential fatty acids, fat soluble vitamins, water soluble vitamins and antioxidants. Please contact Absolique Trichologist for further information on Autoimmune Hair Loss with Probiotics and Base Nutrition.

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Autoimmune Hair Loss with Probiotics and Base Nutrition