Baldness Treatment, Mens Hair Loss Treatments Results

This results sharing is to demonstrate how simple maintenance after addressing symptoms and causes can continue to deliver results. Mr K age 32 originally visited Absolique Hair Health Clinic in March 2014 concerned about hair loss and dry scalp which showed up under the microscope as male pattern thinning, dry scalp and scalp scale.

Initial 4-month treatment focused on correcting scalp balance topically with safe scalp products whilst addressing DHT related to male pattern thinning naturally internally and topically. Mr K’s hair cycle was in good order and he was in good health so we focused on male pattern thinning which is not actually hair loss as was explained and agreed that the main concern was thinning hair in patterns over the scalp which can be assumed to be hair loss.

Baldness Treatment, Mens Hair Loss Treatments Results, Male Pattern Thinning:

  • Is not hair loss as in hair falling out
  • Is a gradual thinning of hair in the typical male pattern thinning areas
  • Is commonly confused with hair loss
  • Is caused by DHT (Dihydrotestosterone)
  • Can be prevented and treated
  • Does not have to result in baldness
  • Is caused by hereditary, hormonal, environmental and free radical effect
  • Is presenting as early onset due to so many environmental factors in today’s world

Mr K showed significant improvement in the first four months at Scope session check in so we decided to continue as most of the products had not run out and the routine was now part of a simple hair washing regime. We checked in again 4 months later and once again could clearly see improvement to the point we both decided we were happy with results and decided simple maintenance was required.

At Absolique we always check in every 4 months, so this time were are sharing how some basic beginnings can be progressed further to continue delivering hair thinning results. Maintenance includes a basic hair washing regime including: Topically Scalp Brush Therapy, Absolique Scalp Cleanser, Activance Practitioner Series and internally Green Qi once a day with natural mens prostate health supplement to stop DHT binding.

I hope you all agree with the progress achieved in the past four months with a simple program that looks after scalp, hair and body with no side effects. As a precaution we always look at blood tests to make sure we have body balance and always check in with you about pH. The latest catch up withMr K found some deficiencies such as Vitamin D, Ferritin, general base minerals and low good cholesterol. All of this needs to be taken into consideration as if body balance is not right, it will in turn effect the body, health and hair and could potentially undo all the good work we have done.

So with a plan in place for health and hair with assistance of doctor we move forward to the next 4 months and will check in once again. Remember it all begins will correct diagnosis and honest maintenance that you understand and agree with. Hope you enjoy this wonderful story and amazing head of hair as much as we do!

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Baldness Treatment, Mens Hair Loss Treatments Results