Before and After Images

Absolique Hair Health Clinic take your hair loss, hair thinning and scalp problems seriously. Results are what we are after! Trichologist, Carolyn Evans-Frost has spent years perfecting her microscope skills and knowledge for correct diagnosis and tracking real results from natural hair loss treatments with digital and microscopic images.

On this page you will see our digital before & after images captured at Absolique Hair Health Clinic during our clients hair loss treatments used for hair loss and hair thinning. These images are only few of 1000’s we have collected from our successful hair loss treatments. Always remember there are many causes of hair loss, hair thinning and scalp conditions, correct diagnosis is key in understanding which is the right treatment for you.

Once Absolique Trichologist has diagnosed your individual hair loss or hair thinning type, you will be offered various treatment methods. There are always choices for you to make based on lifestyle, time and finances. We can then tailor a hair loss treatment to your individual needs and desired outcome. Some people simply need to understand the reason for their hair loss or hair thinning to to provided with choices on how to manage it. Other need treatment to reverse the hair loss or hair thinning. Tracking results with Scope session and microscopic images make a big difference as visual changes can take over 4 months to really see differences with digital images. We are very proud of the digital results we share below, but we will always focus on the microscopic images for accuracy.

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Microscopic Before and Afters are tracked with Trichologist Brisbane Scope Sessions.