Best Hair Loss Treatments and your pH

Once you understand pH and learn the amazing benefits of knowing your pH to listen to your body and predict illness, your body reactions and interactions it is knowledge you have for life.

So I have to wonder why so many people stop pH testing. The common reason I get is; my pH never changed no matter what so I stopped testing. So I reply to this with; there is a reason why it is not changing!

Best Hair Loss Treatments and your pH:

  • Ideal general body pH is 7.0
  • pH 7.0 is neutral on the pH scale
  • Over 7.0 is ok but you don’t want to be over alkaline either
  • Under 7.0 is acid and not the ideal state for a healthy body
  • Understand what effects your pH
  • Use alkalizers where necessary to ensure natural supplements absorb

Even if you are alkaline all the time, good work, keep checking to make sure you keep up the good work and your body is still reacting in the right way. If it is a constant acid pH result then you need to go back and read your pH book to identify with things like long term free radical exposure, chemical base medicine, emotions, stressors, food types and food combining.

Keeping check on your pH will help you keep check on your health and in turn your hair health so don’t slip up! Remember pH does not drop for no reason, listen to your body!

Easy pH re-fill test strips available from Absolique Hair Health Clinic $22 Email of call our reception team on 07 3229 3242. Contact Trichologist Carolyn Evans-Frost if you need help with your pH.

Best Hair Loss Treatments and your pH

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