Causes of Hair Loss in Women and Hair Loss Treatments Results

At Absolique Hair Health Clinic we always like highlight results from our holistic hair loss treatments to share the happiness, story and journey of a women who has gone through the heartache of hair loss and gained back confidence and healthy hair in hope it might help another to get a professional diagnosis knowing there is a solution that also improves health.

Mrs S is 30 and a working mum with 3 young children. She noticed changes in her hair 10 years ago describing hair loss, hair thinning, bald patch, hair breakage, oily scalp and dry hair. Blood tests revealed low iron that had been this way for some time as well as low vitamin D on top of a recent surgery addressing hormonal problems.

Things to include in Blood Tests for Women:

  • Iron studies
  • Vitamin D level
  • Other minerals such as zinc and copper
  • Vitamin B12 and folate
  • Blood sugar/glucose
  • Thyroid levels
  • Cholesterol

Always mention to your doctor that you are experiencing hair loss and they will know what tests to run along with general health check and ask to include the additions above. Ask for a copy of your results and keep it to bring to your Trichologist as we read them a little different for your hair rather than general health. What can be low and safe for health may indeed be effecting the hair and the associated levels can indicate underlying nutritional deficiency that is not a concern in the medical field, but plays a big role on healthy hair growth.

Low iron and vitamin D were being addressed but not helping the hair. Diagnosis found 90% of the hair was not growing to its normal structure from past diffuse hair loss where the body was low in iron during the recovery phase on top of a weakened hair cycle before children.

Every pregnancy will include Post Partum Alopecia which is diffuse hair loss after pregnancy. Specifically 3 months after giving birth or when you stop breast feeding. This is not to be afraid of and is part of pregnancy as in the last trimester you don’t lose your daily quota of hairs, part of the pregnant glow, you and your hair are looking lush. But what can happen when the hair is returning to the growing phase there may be insufficient nutrients in the body, so the hair gets nothing as the nutrients will always be delivered to essential organs first. And don’t forget you have just created another life all of which was created from your nutrition.

So we embarked on combination therapy to address all the symptoms and causes including delivering essential nutrients to the body at a supplementary range (SR) using nutritional supplements as it can be difficult to find the right food to do this, eat as much as is required in a raw state and only using organic produce. For busy mums it is much more cost and time effective to take the supplements because it is easier, cheaper and does not impact on family life.

As you can see from the digital and microscopic images we share here that are 4 months apart, we have made a big impact on the hair health, more work will continue but now becomes part of daily life once again easy and affordable to deliver the best results and most importantly prevent this from happening again.

Please don’t accept hair loss, hair thinning or changes in your hair and scalp as the norm, it is a sign something is wrong in your body, don’t ignore the signs! Mums lives can be so very busy an sometimes they miss the signs, that’s ok too, if you notice things with you hair or scalp please contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic and book your appointment with Trichologist Carolyn Evans-Frost, sooner rather than later…. Call 07 3229 3242 or email trichologist for more information and any questions you may have or email reception team direct to book an appointment

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Causes of Hair Loss in Women and Hair Loss Treatments Results