Coconut Coffee Recipe with Hair Loss Treatments Brisbane

Coconut Coffee Recipe with Hair Loss Treatments Brisbane

Coconut Coffee Recipe with Hair Loss Treatments Brisbane

Whether you like it hot, iced, black, white, sweet, strong, or decaffeinated, coffee has been a popular component to many of our morning rituals for decades.

As someone who less than two years ago, enjoyed a milky coffee, adopting a vegan lifestyle proved to make my usual coffee order a little different and for months, I happily ordered a double shot-long black. Still craving that heart-warming, creamy coffee in the cooler, winter months, I recently decided to take myself to breakfast at one of my favourite local cafes, I noticed they had a colourful selection of dairy-free milk alternatives. Being a fan of all things coconut, when I saw coconut milk on the coffee menu, I jumped right at the opportunity to indulge in a strong, flat white with coconut milk and all I can say is, life-changing.

Coconut Coffee Recipe with Hair Loss Treatments Brisbane:

  • Coconut milk creates a milky, creamy coffee
  • Dairy free milk alternative
  • Good for lactose free, vegetarians and vegan
  • Packed with nutrients
  • Create a coffee that is good for you

Coconut milk, derived from the flesh of a mature (brown) coconut, has many benefits topically and orally. High in fibre and loaded with vitamins, essential minerals, and healthy fats, coconut milk is a perfect alternative for vegans, people with a lactose intolerance, or anyone who is just looking to cut down on their dairy intake. Coconut milk also had a lower fat, sugar and calorie count and more added calcium than cow’s milk.

With my new found addiction in place, I decided to try a replicate the coconut coffee at home. I chose to use a BPA-free, canned, organic coconut milk, which I found in the international aisle at my local supermarket. I found this was a perfect consistency to replace cow’s milk when preparing an instant coffee and didn’t have an overly empowering fatty, coconut flavour either while still maintaining a beautiful, creamy taste. One can makes between 3-5 coffees, I would suggest decanting the contents of the can into a BPA-free bottle and refrigerate.

However you like to prepare your coffee, it is easy to ditch the dairy without compromising flavours and textures. Just give it a good shake, add to your warm drink, like you would with cow’s milk and enjoy!

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