Coconut Cures Book Review by Hair Loss Treatments

As we all know there are many positives of using coconut oil. Many of us use it as an addition to our beauty regime. But did you know it is also extremely beneficial for our health and wellbeing? This week I have had the pleasure of reading Coconut Cure by Bruce Fife N.D. Like many of us I am a mother, I have a beautiful daughter who has just gone 13 months. I have learnt over the years past as a hairdresser how wonderful coconut oil is for making our hair shinier and our teeth brighter along with being the healthier option over standard oils in the kitchen, but after reading this book I now understand it is so much more!

Coconut oil is derived from the coconuts that grow on coconut palms. In many cultures the coconut Palm is known as the “Tree of Life” as it provides all that is needed to sustain life. The Coconut being the main source of food and nutrition. It is so nutritious that some Island cultures feed the milk of the coconut to the babies when their mothers are unable to feed them, it is believed to be as nutritious and more natural then feeding the baby formula.

Coconut Cures Book Review by Hair Loss Treatments:

  • Coconut oil is beneficial for health and wellbeing
  • Coconut oil has more benefit taken orally
  • It is safe to cook with coconut oil
  • Coconut oil has many nutritional properties
  • Coconut oil is a good saturated fat

In recent times coconut oil has been given an underserved bad reputation. Coconut oil, has in the past been labelled as an artery clogging saturated fat that should be avoided. This as explained in the book is far from the truth. The book shows that coconut has proven time and time again its ability to heal and sustain the body’s health inside and out. There are so many things coconut oil is used for from Energy, focus and Metabolism to balancing the ph. level within your body.

In this book, there is one thing I focused on. The ability coconut oil has to help improve auto immune deficiencies, my daughter has been hospitalized four times in her short life due to asthma which is in fact autoimmune, I myself live with it as I am sure many of you do. I really enjoyed the fact the book covered all aspects from how it can help to what type of diet to include in your lifestyle to help assist a positive improvement. It’s not only auto immune that it covers though! Everything from weight management, to prevention of vitamin B deficiency, to prevention of heart disease and the treatment of everyday things such as; how it heals wounds, calms dandruff, helps sooth dermatitis and even helps to boost the milk supply of breastfeeding mothers. This book looks into the negative effects coconut oil has been accused of and puts into perspective exactly why these accusations are false. The book breaks down Coconut oil and how the body consumes it, how the body digests it and how it actually can help you lose weight by adding a few teaspoons to your life daily (it even includes the remedies and procedures you can use to help with what you are experiencing).

This book is based on the beliefs of a man by the name of Paul Sorse otherwise known as the “Miracle Man” He lived by these beliefs and eventually passed at the age of 102! If that isn’t amazing I don’t know what is. After reading this book I will defiantly be keeping Coconut oil in my pantry and reaping the benefits for myself and my family.

Coconut Cures by Bruce Fife N.D

Book Review by Danielle Valpreda Absolique Hair Health Clinic Trichologist Assistant

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Coconut Cures Book Review by Hair Loss Treatments