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Curly Girls: What To Do About Dry, Summer Scalp And Oily Hair By Hair Loss Treatments Australia – Call Us On 07 3229 3242

She was at her wit’s end. “Every summer it’s the same thing. My scalp gets dry as a bone, but my hair is oily! What gives?”


It doesn’t even seem possible to have two so very different problems on one head, does it? But that’s all a part of having curly hair.


Hot weather is hard on curly locks. The scalp gets irritated from the rising temperatures, yet it continues to accumulate the usual hair build-up from product use. Your follicles become blocked, and your hair roots dehydrated.


What an itchy mess!


To resolve this summer problem, we recommend you clear the scalp and follicles of build-up by using a Scalp Cleanser on your scalp skin and not a hair shampoo such as Absolique Scalp Cleanser. 


Make sure you always perform Scalp Brush Therapy before using Absolique Scalp Cleanser to exfoliate and remove flakiness from your scalp while increasing blood circulation and oxygen.


Lastly, use an oil-free scalp conditioner such as Activance with Rhodanide and a moisture molecule to balance the scalp and hair. Don’t forget to use a hair shampoo and hair conditioner too but KEEP IT OFF YOUR SCALP!


To keep your scalp and hair in harmony, we recommend this treatment every time you wash your hair. Watch how quickly your frustration vanishes!

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