DHT and Hair Thinning, High or Low is not the problem

DHT and Hair Thinning, High or Low is not the problem

DHT and Hair Thinning, High or Low is not the problem

DHT and Hair Thinning, High or Low is not the problem. DHT, Dihydrotestosterone, is not a bad thing. Poor DHT has been given such a bad reputation. We all have DHT, we all need DHT, it is responsible for our integumentary system. That is our skin system, it is the largest system of the body and we would not be alive without it.

Pattern hair thinning is caused by a trigger. A trigger that directs DHT to bind to the hair bulb only in the typical pattern hair thinning area. The DHT is not the problem, it is the trigger. Our world is so reactive that people are running around having the DHT tested, this is not the point. You need DHT. Pattern hair thinning is not caused by high levels of DHT nor low levels of DHT. Pattern hair thinning happens when DHT is triggered to do what it was not intended to do.

DHT and Hair Thinning, High or Low is not the problem:

  • We all have DHT
  • We all need DHT
  • DHT is responsible for our integumentary system
  • DHT alone is not a hormone
  • What triggers the DHT to bind is the problem
  • High or low DHT is not the problem either

Basic chemistry of DHT; 2% of Testosterone is converted by 5-alpha-reductase to DHT. This is the basic equation that takes place in everyone single human being. Of course, there are many other steps that we are now aware of, but for the exercise, let’s keep it simple. If you have high testosterone it won’t make you produce more DHT. Low testosterone may not allow for the conversion of DHT, which could affect other body systems.

High or low levels of DHT have been tested in relation to hair loss, and this is not relevant at all. DHT is related to pattern hair thinning, remember, the binding, this is not actual hair loss. The many DHT test I have seen also come back well within range to prove it is not a concern. Most of the time, the actual problem is the hair cell and the hair cycle dysfunction leaving a compromised cellular immunity. DHT will bind much quicker to a cell that cannot protect itself.

Please embrace your DHT, it does so much good in your body and remember the triggers; Hereditary, Hormonal, Environmental and Free Radical Effect. Absolique Hair Health Clinic promote protecting your body from the Free Radical Effect by using natural and safe Antioxidants, topically and nutritionally. If you don’t already know how we do this, drop us an email to Trichologist info@absolique.com.au or call 07 3229 3232.

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