Diffuse Hair Loss and The Hair Count

Diffuse hair loss is the most common hair loss. Diffuse means the hair loss is spread diffusely over the scalp among healthy hairs. A healthy hair cycle will release 70 to 160 telegenic hairs per day every day. If this is not happening, then there is problem with the hair cycle which could affect hair growth.

When diffuse hair loss takes place, the body will release the growing anlagen hairs along with the falling telegenic hairs. The difference is the falling telogen hairs are released because a new hair is pushing it out. When a growing anlagen hair is released, there is not hair there waiting, so the result is an empty follicle that will have to return back into the cycle for a new hair to grow.

Diffuse Hair Loss:

  • Anagen are growing hairs
  • Catagen are resting hair
  • Telogen are falling hairs
  • Your hair cycle is part of your DNA and can be altered by body problems

Diffuse hair loss in reality is Anagen effluvium when it commonly referred to as telogen effluvium. Telogen hairs are in fact the falling hair so when one has hair loss it is not the falling hairs alone but the Anagen hairs triggered to fall out of the individual hair cycle. Anagen effluvium or diffuse hair loss is always triggered in the body 3 month earlier.

The triggers for diffuse hair loss are significant. Seasonal changes do not cause diffuse hair loss. If you notice your hair is shedding around the same time every year, you need to look deeper into what is happening with your health and lifestyle around those times and specifically 3 months earlier.

If you ever do experience hair loss the best idea is to visit your doctor as soon as possible to run specific tests they know to check for hair loss causes within the body. Common blood tests for hair loss include: thyroid, iron studies, blood sugar, and general health checks with chemistry, blood analysis, vitamin d levels to understand the immune system. Where possible you want to look at cholesterol HDL and LDL, vitamin B12, folate and other minerals such as magnesium, copper and zinc.

In some cases, your doctor will say everything is fine and in range. That may appear so but, always as for a copy to share with Absolique Trichologist who will always look beyond the obvious because we understand even low levels within range can cause diffuse hair loss in some individuals. When in doubt we will teach you the hair count technique to track individual hair loss fluctuations when present.

Asking for a copy of your blood test is your right so please always get a copy. Absolique Trichologist will teach you how to read them and track your own health to prevent future diffuse hair loss. Absolique Trichologist will also advise the best hair loss treatments for your individual hair loss. Contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic for more information on Diffuse Hair Loss and The Hair Count on 07 3229 3242 or email Absolique Trichologist to share your hair story at info@absolique.com.au .

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Diffuse Hair Loss and The Hair Count