Diffuse Hair Loss and The Hair Cycle

The physical hair you see and style on a daily basis is the result of a complex cellular function. The hair constantly grows from cellular division, and like the nails, has many different structures and function associated that deliver the end result, a hardened, keratinized hair growing from the scalp.

There are many things that can go wrong with the cellular division supporting hair growth, the strength of the hair bulb and also the strength and structure of the actual hair follicle. The hair bulb is the lock that holds the hair in and is made of the same substance that hold your teeth in. The hair follicle houses the hair as it transitions from a soft cell to a hardened hair and has many associated appendages.

Diffuse Hair Loss and The Hair Cycle, The Hair Bulb and The Hair Shaft:

  • Hair grows from cellular division
  • The hair bulb is similar to the root of our teeth
  • The hair follicle houses the hair
  • Hair follicle has a muscle and oil gland attached
  • Keratinization is the final process to produce a hardened hair at scalp level

When there are changes, highs or lows in the body, if can affect the health of the cell when it divides at the very beginning of the hair growth process. This won’t appear in the hair until three months later and only at cellular level at this time. When the hair cell does not get all that is required, it does not copy your genetic hair code, so the hair still grows in most cases, but in certain situations such as common iron and ferritin deficiency related to oxygen, the hair may even remain dormant.

The result is always diffuse, thank goodness, it does not affect every hair on the head, it is a diffuse thinning of the hair all over the scalp, once again, not in a pattern or patches as can occur with pattern thinning and autoimmune hair and scalp problems. Both pattern hair thinning and autoimmune hair and scalp problems are in most cases secondary to the hair cell health at the cellular level which is a direct result of body health.

Hair is important and part of our bodies integumentary system, the largest system in the body, but hair is not directly essential for life. The bodies essential organs and systems will always receive the nutrition required for cellular health first. When there are problems with the hair, such as hair loss or hair thinning, it is a sign that things are not quite right within the body, so don’t ignore the signs and contact Absolique Trichologist to help with your hair and in turn health.

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Diffuse Hair Loss and The Hair Cycle