Female Hair Thinning Success Story

Female Hair Thinning Success Story Before

Female Hair Thinning Success Story Before

History of naturally thin hair that has progressively increased over the years to hair loss, hair thinning, bald patch and hair breakage. Long history of health problems, surgery, medications and deficiencies. Also, chronic and lifelong endometriosis symptoms, use of birth control and irritable bowl symptoms. Sadly, a common story these days with all the health problems contributing to the hair loss and hair thinning which was fuelling the female pattern hair thinning.

Incorrect diagnosis lead to use of singular product that initially cause hair loss and don’t address any of the underlying causes. The key point to this story is to get a correct diagnosis from a Trichologist, a hair specialist who can look for and help to address the underlying and actual causes. Dermatologists generally treat the symptoms not the causes and they really are not trained in the hair cell and hair cycle which was disturbed in this case.

Female Hair Thinning Success Story:

  • Correct diagnosis was the key to forming hair loss plan
  • Focused topical hair loss treatment and pattern hair thinning
  • Diet and lifestyle changes suggested and supported
  • Four monthly check in service to check in on health and hair growth progress
Female Hair Thinning Success Story After

Female Hair Thinning Success Story After

Once we had a correct diagnosis various hair loss treatments and hair thinning treatments were offered. We decided to work topically as there were many diet and lifestyle changes to be made. Absolique Hair Loss Treatment is always individually tailored to you. We track the progress of each hair loss story every four months and have seen progressive changes in this case along with supporting nutritional deficiencies and assisting with lifestyle change support and information.

At our most recent catch up scope session microscopic and digital hair loss treatment before and after comparison, it was very encouraging to see the most stubborn spot related to female pattern thinning responding. The images we share are not in the typical pattern hair thinning areas of the recessions, front and crown, but are still in the related pattern thinning area on the diagonal behind the ear toward the crown. To obtain this result we had worked in the background on the hair cell and hair cycle to finally have impact on female pattern thinning.

With more room to improve, as pattern hair thinning is a gradual hair miniaturisation not actual hair loss, we need to keep working on reversing the hair miniaturisation as well as supporting the hair cell and hair cycle. I am so pleased with the results in this case and the efforts made by the client to support deficiencies, lifestyle and health, it really does make a difference. As Absolique Trichologist I am here to support not just hair loss treatments but also your journey to health for healthy hair. For more information about Female Hair Thinning Success Story of to share your hair loss journey, email Absolique Trichologist Brisbane at info@absolique.com.au call 07 3229 3242 and check out many more success stores at https://www.hair-loss-treatments.com.au/category/newsletter/

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