Why Filtered Water with Treatments for Hair Loss

Why Filtered Water with Treatment for Hair Loss

Why Filtered Water with Treatment for Hair Loss

H20; the nectar of the Gods, makes up most of the Earth and majority of its organisms. Water, composed of two elements; hydrogen and oxygen, is important for survival on our planet. No water equals no life.

Its functions include, but are not limited to; hydration, temperature control, transporting oxygen and other nutrients to cells, organ protection, flushes waste from body, aids in digestion and conversion of food into energy and so on.

Why Filtered Water with Treatments for Hair Loss, Interesting Facts about Water:

  • Water is composed of two elements, hydrogen and oxygen
  • The planet Earth is seventy five percent water
  • Living trees are seventy five percent water
  • Ninety percent of human blood is made of water
  • The human brain is made of seventy five percent water
  • By the time you feel thirsty, your body has lost over 1 percent of its total water amount
  • Unsafe water kills 200 children every hour¹

It is vital that humans consume an average of 10 glasses of water each day, for sustenance. But how do we know if what we are drinking is safe? In Brisbane alone, the water supply contains organic sediments, bacteria, metals and, numerous inorganic chemicals², many of which can be harmful to human health, long term.

To ensure you are drinking the purest, safest water that is beneficial to your overall health, Absolique use and recommend a 7 stage charcoal water filter. Whilst being cost effective and environmentally friendly (no plastic bottles), charcoal water filters are antibacterial, remove impurities from tap water, adjusts the water to an optimum alkaline pH level, restores essential trace minerals, removes odour, leaving the water clean and tasty.

Filtration systems come in many shapes and sizes and there is certainly one that will suit any type of household/office space and budget. For travel, there are jugs and bottles with an internal filter available, making it easier for you to have your Green Drinks anywhere, anytime!

When looking at water filters, be sure to do enough research, find out what the filter can and cannot filter out and whether the bottles or jugs are BPA-free.

Why Filtered Water with Treatments for Hair Loss article written by Absolique Team Member Irene. Edits by Absolique Trichologist. You can contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic and Absolique Trichologist about Why Filtered Water with Treatments for Hair Loss. Call reception team on 07 3229 3242 or email Absolique Trichologist Carolyn at info@absolique.com.au feel free to share your hair loss, hair thinning and scalp concerns.

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