Find Cause of Hair Loss with Hair Count

Now you understand the difference between Pattern Thinning and Hair Loss you need to know what your normal daily hair loss count is so you can tell if hair loss has started, slowed or stopped. For most clients I find the hair loss has stopped but the hair has thinned so now there is a hair anxiety attached to seeing any hair strands falling, so the normal daily hair loss can be misinterpreted as continuing hair loss.

Teaching the facts of the hair cycle and how you can perform your own hair count at home can stop the stress related to washing your hair and help you move through recovery from hair loss through Natural Hair Loss Treatments. Knowing your hair count will also help you after your hair loss treatments to be confident things are back to normal or even alert you early if something has effected your hair again so you can address it instantly rather than all the worry and wonder you have already been through.

Find Your Normal Daily Hair Loss:

  • We lose between 70-160 hairs diffusely every day, the average is 100
  • You will collect more hairs on the days you wash
  • Hairs that have already fallen get caught up in other hairs
  • Shampoo and Conditioning will soften the hairs and detangle
  • This will release hairs that have already fallen from the scalp but were caught up in the hair
  • Washing your hair will not make your hair fall out
  • If you wash every second day you could collect up to 200 hairs
  • If you wash every fourth day you could collect up to 400 hairs and so on
  • If you have hair loss you could lose double your daily hair fall each day for 3 months

It is important here to understand things will affect us throughout life and for some of us, the bodies reaction is hair loss. We need to learn what our personal triggers are so they can be avoided or in some cases like pregnancy, the post partum hair loss cannot be avoided, but we can pre-plan to soften the impact and then ensure the hair grows back as it should by looking after health, the hair cell and the hair cycle.

The Hair Count helps you to see quickly if your daily hair loss in normal which in most cases it is, but may not have grown back properly, which is another subject all together that we can help with. So on the days you wash, during pre-wash brushing, scalp cleansing, shampooing, conditioning, drying and styling, collect all the hairs that are released. Separate the hairs one at a time and look for the hair bulb, hairs without the bulb, and hairs of varying length indicating hair breakage or a disturbed hair cycle, keep all the different hairs in different piles.

Now count only the hairs with the dot at the root indicating the hair bulb. Record how many days it has been since your last wash and write your hair count information on a plastic snap lock bag with all the information: how many hairs, how many days. You can also easily see what 50 or 100 hairs look like without counting once you have done this a few times. You know collect the hairs that fall everyday on the days you don’t wash, and then again on the days you do wash to see your average daily hair fall. It is a good idea to do this for a few weeks in a row so you can see if that hair count is consistent because hair loss does not change on a weekly basis. When hair loss is triggered the cause was 3 months ago and the hair loss will continue for 3 months. Sadly that is fact, you cannot simply stop hair loss once it starts, but we can slow it down, help you to recover from hair loss and teach you how to avoid future hair loss.

Contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic and connect with Trichologist Carolyn Evans-Frost for more information on The Hair Count or if you feel your hair count is higher than normal so we can address the cause and focus on growing back healthy hair. Remember hair loss is a sign something is wrong in the body, don’t ignore the signs. Email or call us direct on 07 3229 3242.

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Find Cause of Hair Loss with Hair Count