Food… Nutritional Supplements for Initial Hair Loss Treatment

Food… Nutritional Supplements for Initial Hair Loss Treatment

Food… Nutritional Supplements for Initial Hair Loss Treatment

Traditionally and historically, we should get nutrients from our food. Nutrients are the elements derived from food to support basic cell health and all the complex processes the human body and its systems do to keep us alive and well. Not only have the nutrients in food been compromised, our understanding of nutrition has moved far from the truth.

Discussing nutrition today, many would say they eat healthy, or so it seems. When asked to describe an average daily meal plan, most start listing food groups such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fruit and vegetables. Nutrition is balancing the food groups in balance, nutrients are the elements derived from good nutrition.

Food… The Missing Elements. Nutritional Supplements for Initial Hair Loss Treatment:

  • Minerals, 60-80 minerals are required by the human body everyday
  • Essential Fatty Acids, essential for life and cannot be produced by the human body
  • Vitamins, both fat soluble and water soluble in synergy
  • Antioxidants should be derived from the above elements to protect the immune system

So what’s gone wrong with our food? Minerals should be derived from the soil the plants are grown in and the animals that eat the plants/grass/proteins growing from the mineral rich soil. Essential fatty acids should be in certain plants that get all they need from the mineral rich soil to make the long chain fatty acids as for the animals who eat the plants/grass/proteins to produce essential fatty acids for us to consume. The vitamins should be derived from plants and animals that have all required minerals and essential fatty acids from environment they grow in. Antioxidants are made from vitamin combinations provided to the body from mineral balance, essential fatty acid and vitamin levels that are in order.

There are limited minerals in the soil. Fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals are used to enhance plant growth. Animals for human consumption (and pets), are fed food far away from their kind. Cows are designed to eat grass; they cannot break down grain. Cows are fed grain to grow into big fat cows quickly, but they get sick, so antibiotics are then added and hormones… The same is happening to chickens and their eggs, fish are now farmed, guess what they are fed? Grains with hormones and antibiotics.

GMO (genetically modified organism) fruit, vegetable, nuts, seeds and grains dominate or food supply and is not labeled, so how do you know? Addition of additives to preserve food on top of processing limits what may be left of any nutritional compound and then we bring it home and cook the vitamins out (not that there was any left…)

Sadly, this is the reality of nutrients today. So, let me ask, do you have a healthy diet? Absolique Hair Health Clinic use and recommend nutritional supplements, products without chemicals along with healthy eating options, correct food combining and pH testing with alkalizing to assist hair health give the state of nutrition.

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Food… Nutritional Supplements for Initial Hair Loss Treatment