Green Drink with Natural Hair Loss Treatment.

Green Drink with Natural Hair Loss Treatment.

Green Drink with Natural Hair Loss Treatment.

At Absolique we recommend to use the green drink as a facilitator to create the alkaline environment required for effective absorption when taking nutritional supplements. Nutritional supplements require food and an alkaline environment to effectively be digested, absorbed and transported. If you are not aware of your pH, struggle with your pH, can’t or don’t want to follow an organic, alkaline, then it is much easier to use the green drink.

If your pH is out of balance, or you don’t understand organic alkaline eating, you risk wasting time and money taking any nutritional supplement. I see his all the time when looking at my client’s blood test results. They share with me the supplements they have been taking on their own and we can see levels have not increased and in some cases dropped even further.

Green Drink with Natural Hair Loss Treatment:

  • Use Modere Green Qi or proven organic product
  • If making your own, only organic vegetables and no fruit
  • Take only when hungry
  • Take away from food
  • Take only on an empty tummy
  • Cannot eat again until you are hungry
  • Hungry means hunger pains
  • Hungry is not calculated by time

Using the right green drink is as important as taking it in the right environment. If the food that the drink is derived from is not pure, organic and in the right combination, it can actually do the opposite of intended and drop toxic substances into the body. You must read the label, read the ingredients, understand where the said company derives ingredients from, trust the company and then take it in the right environment.

Only take the green drink on a hungry empty tummy. We should not be hungry first thing in the morning. The process of the human body in the morning is elimination. Many people do feel hungry in the morning and need breakfast, this is fine if that suits you, but one cannot take the green drink first thing in the morning, it simply won’t work.

Contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic to check if you are indeed taking your green drink correctly and how to make your own green drink from organic ingredients. Never juice or puree any ingredients that are not organic as you risk consuming high quantities of fertilizer, chemicals, pesticides, genetically modified organisms and more…

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Green Drink with Natural Hair Loss Treatment.