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Green Qi – No Cheating with Hair Loss Treatments

Green Qi  – No Cheating with Hair Loss Treatments

Green Qi - No Cheating with Hair Loss Treatments

Green Qi – No Cheating with Hair Loss Treatments

I know the thought of this green drink brings shudders to many, but you need to understand how very important it is to your Hair Loss Treatments when taking natural supplements. Stories are filtering through about taking Green Qi with other beverages such as Fruit Juice and Chocolate milk! It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out the sugar in these compromising beverages will most certainly override the goodness and alkalizing power but will also stop the nutritional supplements from working. So if you are going to spend time and money on Hair Loss Treatments and you have been advised to use the Green Qi don’t cheat yourself and your hair, trust me it will most definitely effect your results.

Another no no is chewing gum after the Green Qi, this starts all sorts of digestive enzymes and contains sugar! If you really need to get rid of the taste (is it just me, I don’t think it is so bad) try brushing your teeth, preferably with toothpaste that is SLS free. Personally I take the Green Qi in chilled water with a heaped teaspoon of the tangerine tasting 5ibre. Mix and drink quickly, the longer it sits the more intense the flavor. Another tip is to mix in a protein shaker. If you struggle with the Green Qi just get it down and use filtered water to take your Nutritional Supplements directly after. Also remember you should be hungry when taking the Green Qi which ensures no compromising environment in your tummy. For some half an hour is not long enough so take the Green Qi when you are physically hungry and don’t eat anything that is not alkaline or the wrong food combination until you are hungry again. For those with a fast metabolism you can have some nuts such as almonds, cashews, macadamias, pecans, hazel or brazil nuts with your Green Qi but they must be natural or roasted, not salted, flavored or oiled. If you have any questions please contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic so we can make suggestions or how you can overcome the Green Qi, don’t waste or not take your supplements especially in the first 4 months of Hair Loss Treatments. Cheers!


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