Hair Colouring with Treatment for Hair Loss

Hair Colouring with Treatment for Hair Loss

Hair Colouring with Treatment for Hair Loss

Hair Colouring with Treatment for Hair Loss

It is really important that you feel good about your hair and make it look as best as you can when undertaking Treatment for Hair Loss. We encourage you to have a regular hairdresser who knows your hair and understands the concerns you have with your hair loss, hair thinning or hair breakage. But, we do have some guidelines for you and your hairdresser.

If you are undertaking treatment for hair loss, there is a fair chance the hair is not growing properly. This can result in a thinner hair strand than your genetic hair type. If you have had diagnosis with Trichologist Brisbane, you would have seen this under the microscope. You will feel the change in the texture of your hair when this happens. Your hairdresser may not be that familiar with your hair and may not understand these changes.

Hair Colouring with Treatment for Hair Loss:

  • Stick with natural shades, avoid fashion colours
  • Steer away from blond and bleach unless you are naturally very fair
  • Don’t double process, this is overlapping of colour
  • Go for low or no ammonia products
  • Ask your hairdresser if there is peroxide in the colour and what is the volume

Hairdressers are trainer to colour hair based on the science of a ‘normal’ hair strand. They have no way of telling the ‘structure’ of your hair has changed and lost some of its layers. It is best to stick with natural shades as fashion shades generally require the hair layers to hold or lock in the fashion colour pigment. When the layers are missing, the colour will simply fade anyway, along with potential further damage to your hair shaft.

Understand foiling is a technique and does not tell you what is in the foil. It is indeed off the scalp, but hair colour will not cause hair loss or hair thinning alone unless it is chemical damage. You can certainly discuss the colour ingredients with your hairdresser and choose organic products if you like. Most hair colouring is every 6-8 weeks and will not impact your Treatment for Hair Loss.

Absolique Hair Health Clinic are more than happy to chat to you and your hairdresser about your hair colour choices. We were all once hairdressers after all. Oh, when you visit the hairdresser, enjoy the experience and leave our recommended Treatment for Hair Loss at home. We want you to enjoy your hairdressing experience. You can call us for more information on Hair Colouring with Treatment for Hair Loss or drop us an email with any questions you have about your hair loss, thinning hair or scalp concerns. Phone 07 3229 3242 email

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