Hair Count for Hair Loss

When you have hair loss or have had hair loss or going through hair loss treatments or have been through hair loss treatments the resulting anxiety attached to seeing hair strands fall can trigger an abnormal reaction to normal hair fall.

We all lose hair everyday; 70 to 160 hair strands per day, every day. When you have hair loss this amount can double. Natural hair loss is a normal part of your hair cycle. There is also a big difference between hair loss and hair thinning. Hair thinning can make you think the hair is falling but the daily hair loss may be normal.

The easiest way to find out if your hair loss is normal is to do a hair count. To do this you will need to use a clean brush free of lose hair strands, and give your hair a good brush before washing over a sink or towel that is a different colour to your hair. Set the collected hairs aside. Then wash your hair collecting all hairs here too. And finally style your hair continuing to collect the hairs. Once they are all collected you need to individually count the hairs noting:

  • Is there a hair bulb?
  • Is there no hair bulb?
  • What length is the hair?
  • Take note of the hair strand diameter; are there thicker ones and thinner ones?
  • Also note how many days since you last washed your hair?

Mark down how many of each of the above mentioned hairs you find and you may be pleasantly surprised that there are a normal amount of hairs. You may also find some hairs may be breaking rather than falling. Let’s say average daily hair loss is 100 strands per day, you need to remember if you have not washed your hair for 2 days it could be up to 200 hairs, 4 days 400 hairs. I have found on many occasions the fear of hair loss creates avoidance behavior, meaning you are scared to brush and wash your hair, if this is the case you can expect up to 700 hairs when washing once a week, which is not recommended. You can email your results to Absolique Hair Health Clinic for explanation before, during or after hair loss treatments. Happy hair counting!

Hair Count for Hair Loss

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