Hair Extensions for Volume with Trichologist Brisbane

Hair Extensions for Volume with Trichologist Brisbane

Hair Extensions for Volume with Trichologist Brisbane

Experiencing hair loss and recovering from hair thinning can leave the lengths of the hair looking like very thin hair. Hair loss treatment must work at the root cause which can take a while for healthy hair growth to reach longer hair. Using safe hair extensions as hair additions Hair Extensions for Volume with Trichologist Brisbane can balance out thin hair appearance which can be a self esteem saver during the recovery from hair loss.

As Absolique Trichologist having worked in the hair industry for over 30 years, I have developed an application method for hair extensions as hair additions that is safe on fine and fragile hair and will not damage the hair or cause any hair breakage. We distribute safe hair weight ratio between donor site and hair addition hair extension and to maintain this the hair additions need to be safely removed every 6-8 weeks.

Hair Extensions for Volume with Trichologist Brisbane:

  • Not clip in hair extensions
  • Complimentary 15-minute consultations
  • Reusable and affordable at only $30 each with an average of 5 required
  • Removal, cleaning and reapplication services available at $120/hour*
  • Colour matched to your hair or can be used to add highlights

As part of our Grand Opening Special Offers, we are offering complimentary 15-minute consultations in clinic or over the phone for existing clients to discuss how Hair Additions Hair Extensions for Hair Volume could help you. We will design a plan for you, so you can see how they work and colour match for your desired result. When you decide you would like to proceed, it can take up to a week to order hair and book the hair addition fitting which is included in the purchase price of $30 each.

New clients are welcome, but we will need to perform a Hair Health and Scalp Check first to be certain we are not causing any damage and addressing the causes of your hair loss or hair thinning concerns at the same time. Absolique hair addition hair extension application method is designed to work with our homecare topical hair loss treatments, so they don’t inhibit addressing the causes of hair loss and corrective hair loss treatment services.

Absolique Hair Health Clinic Trichologist Brisbane is very cautious not to use hair additions hair extensions to disguise the symptoms of hair loss, hair thinning and hair breakage without addressing the causes. If you are curious about our new hair additions consider the complimentary 15-minute consultation, bookings are essential. *Removal, cleaning and reapplication @ 2 hours $240 every 6-8 weeks and cannot all be booked on the same day. For more information on Hair Extensions for Volume with Trichologist Brisbane email Absolique Trichologist Brisbane at and check out our other new services at

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