Hair Growth Products, Liquid Nutrition with Absolique

For those who follow us you know how important nutrition is to growing healthy hair and delivering results from Hair Growth Products and Hair Loss Treatments Combination Therapy. When bringing back body balance we always look at cellular health which should come from nutrition in food. For most hair loss and hair thinning problems body balance has dropped and we need to go in and raise the levels of essential nutrients using supplements for the first 4 months because it is difficult to eat organic raw food in the volumes required, it can be time consuming, expensive and for most impossible to fit into busy daily lifestyle.

Our proven methods use pH testing, alkalising and nutritional supplement which are mainly tablets. A lot of people struggle with the concept of taking tablets for various reasons. So with this in mind, when we were testing and trialling our signature GRN product we threw in liquid nutrition just to see what would happen. We used Neways liquid plant derived colloidal mineral Feroxin and their Noni Juice in a pH balanced environment.

Hair Growth Products, Liquid Nutrition with Absolique:

  • GRN, Grow, Revitalise, Nourish
  • Feroxin, plant derived colloidal mineral
  • Noni juice
  • pH alkaline environment
  • Empty, hungry tummy

Not surprising that the results achieved were even better because Feroxin provides the daily mineral quota and Noni provides many vitamins and antioxidants supporting and protecting cellular health and the immune system. We share this with you in case you too are struggling with the concept of taking tablets and would prefer to get extra nutrition from one easy daily drink; 30ml Feroxin and 50ml Noni.

To use this method you do need to take more responsibility with your daily pH and adopt clean eating along with dietary sources of Essential Fatty Acids, my favourite way is with Coconut Oil in the daily diet.

It is important to understand diagnosis is still the first step to ensure all symptoms and causes of your hair loss or hair thinning are addressed, there is no one miracle cure. Neways Feroxin and Noni are both available from Absolique Hair Health Clinic or you can buy it online from Neways if we set you up with log in details through a $50 membership fee to in turn buy at distributor cost rather than my retail price, is a big saving and delivered directly to you.

Please don’t make the liquid change in the first 4 months of Hair Loss Treatments and advise us by email or phone 07 3229 3242 if you would like to make the switch or start liquid nutrition with topical Hair Loss Treatments so we can track your results. Absolique Hair Health Clinic, Trichologist, Carolyn Evans-Frost, Hair Growth Products.

Hair Growth Products, Liquid Nutrition with Absolique