Hair Loss Clinic – Consultation

To understand your hair loss or hair thinning we need to begin with your hair and health history. The consultation form we have developed asks pointed and important questions that can uncover reasons contributing to your hair concerns.

Once you have provided this information we discuss health history, any health concerns, medications current and past, and a discussion on general health, well-being and nutrition. Included here and important is Blood Test results from your doctor, what might be safe or in range for the doctor evaluating your general health, can actually be a low level for healthy hair growth, your immune system and nutritional balance.

Hair Loss Clinic – Consultation Blood Tests should always include:

  • Iron Studies
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B12 and Folate
  • Blood Sugar/Glucose
  • Thyroid Studies
  • Zinc and Copper where possible

Blood test results can indicate if there is any health variances contributing to hair loss or hair thinning as we are diagnosis the presence or on or both. It is important during this consultation that you share as much as you can about your health, lifestyle and stress, as these all play a part in health and in-turn hair. When we talk about stress, it is not the stress that is the problem but how the body deals with it. In a lowered nutritional state, long term stress will draw on the bodies nutritional status, and this is when good nutrition usual fails, sleep is effected, general health declines, the immune system lowers and we end up with fatigue.

The importance of understanding how this is all connected is part of the consultation process that leads into our Microscopic diagnosis to see exactly how your body and in-turn hair have been effected by life.

Hair Loss Clinic – Consultation and Microscopic Diagnosis at Absolique Hair Health Clinic is the service we call ‘Hair Health Check’, takes up to 75 minutes and costs $200. For interstate and overseas clients we have developed and accurate ‘Skype Video Consultation Service’. Contact our reception team by email on or call 07 3229 3242 to book appointment or ask questions about our services.

Hair Loss Clinic – Consultation

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