Hair Loss Diagnosis – Create your own Scope Sessions

So now you have an accurate diagnosis you know exactly what is happening to your hair; Hair Loss, Hair Thinning, an interrupted Hair Cycle, a damaged Hair Cell, Pattern Thinning or a combination as is commonly found. Now you can address symptoms and or causes depending on the result you wish to achieve. For some simply understand the problem is enough to stop the worry and no treatment is necessary other than maintaining a healthy scalp through Scalp Brush Therapy and Scalp Cleansing. For others we need to embark on Hair Loss Treatments which take 4 months to see results because of the cellular division required.

Whatever treatment you choose it is best to track your hair health with Scope Sessions – Microscopic Tracking of Hair Loss Treatments. Absolique Hair Health Clinic Trichologist has developed this method to map out the scalp and capture microscopic images of the scalp and hair growing from the scalp in specific and accurate locations that can be saved and recreated in the future to create a comparison.

Hair Loss Diagnosis – Create your own Scope Sessions:

  • Measure and mark up to 50 locations all over the scalp
  • Documents hair loss, diffuse hair thinning and pattern thinning
  • Examination of the hair bulb for structural changes
  • Is the best way to see results from Hair Loss Treatments

This is a very analytical way of tracking results that is much more accurate than digital photos. Some feel they will see all they need with a digital photo of hair concerns 4 months apart so we do them too, but for others, they want to be more specific about what has really changed in the last 4 months. Each Scope Session take up to 1 hour and costs $200 so it is optional to partake at the beginning of any recommended Hair Loss Treatments to then recreate the exact same Scope Session 4 months later for a Scope Comparison – Microscopic before and after images of your results.

Scope Sessions are also used to track hair health, some people are concerned about hereditary hair thinning that has not yet happened to them, but want to avoid it happening to them at all costs. So we map out the scalp as it is now healthy hair and check in every 6 -12 months to ensure everything is ok.

All clients who undertake our 4 month Hair Loss Treatments Combination Therapy have a Scope Session at the 4 month mark, even if we did not perform one at the beginning. This then allows us to track continued improvement and maintenance following Hair Loss Treatment or in some cases if the results drop back because of changes to the treatment, health and lifestyle influences.

For our Interstate and International clients with their own USB microscope we have created a tutorial of how to do a Scope Session at home, you will need someone to help you. Please email for the instructions or video link.

Hair Loss Diagnosis – Create your own Scope Sessions

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