Hair Loss Men, Holistic Combination Therapy

Most men are concerned about their hair too. Men have so many choices available to them but they tend to be short term, medical or chemical. With so much more information available these days men can choose health and a holistic approach to overcome and address hair thinning and hair loss with positive side effects.

Mr J age 22 described hair thinning that had increased over the last 6 months and long term dandruff problems. Medication had been used for a few years to help with acne, plus working away on site with limited food choices and a stressful job role. Microscopic diagnosis found the hair cell and hair cycle were not functioning at optimal and male pattern thinning hair was also present and active mainly at the recessions of the scalp.

Hair Loss Men, Holistic Combination Therapy, things to understand about male pattern thinning:

  • Male pattern thinning hair is not hair loss
  • Male pattern thinning hair is caused by dihydrotestosterone (DHT)
  • DHT is not the enemy
  • DHT is part of every human body
  • DHT will bind to the androgen receptors of the hair bulb when triggered
  • Triggers are hereditary, hormonal, environmental and free radical effect

DHT related hair thinning takes time, it is a gradual build up causing gradual hair thinning in the typical pattern thinning areas. If the pattern of thinning is reducing quickly then there may be something else going on. The other thing to check for is hereditary background, if this is happening earlier in life that your relatives then there is something else going on. Focusing on health, the hair cell and the hair cycle can protect against DHT binding. A weak hair cell has no immune system to protect against DHT so it can cause the thinning to happen faster.

To address all symptoms and causes we used combination therapy for 4 months as required to see results. As mentioned the side effects are health and hair and the digital, microscopic images show you what can be achieved and then maintained when you implement little changes over time.

To find out more about our Hair Loss Men, Holistic Combination Therapy natural hair loss treatments approach to male pattern thinning contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic Trichologist by email or call our amazing reception team to ask questions or book an appointment on 07 3229 3242.

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Hair Loss Men, Holistic Combination Therapy