Hair Loss Treatment and Autoimmune

Hair Loss Treatment and Autoimmune

Hair Loss Treatment and Autoimmune

Wheat Belly – William Davis, MD. Book review by Irene O’Neill.

Wheat, sometimes the only sustainable foodstuff available for families pre-twentieth century, now present in many staple items in most modern households worldwide. ‘Wheat Belly’ touches on the difference between wheat today and wheat 50 years ago, the link between modern wheat and common diseases, weight gain and mental disorders, and the benefit of cutting wheat out our diets, all together.

So what is the problem with modern wheat? Today, the business of farming has become more about quantity, over quality – increased yields, to increase profits. Thus resulting in the structure of a typical wheat plant to be manipulated in such a way that is now almost unrecognizable when compared to the original structure and compromising the health of consumers, however this hybrid still goes by the name ‘wheat’.

Hair Loss Treatment and Autoimmune:

  • Wheat plants have been engineered to decrease damage to crops and increase yield
  • Eating wheat products can have many negative side-effects
  • Wheat consumption is associated with many health problems
  • Eliminating wheat can reverse some of these side-effects almost instantly
  • A glycaemic index number indicates the effect that food has on a person’s blood glucose

Eating a meal rich in the all-addictive wheat products can raise blood sugars, influence mood behaviour, fatigue, weight-gain, migraines, and mental-fog and is linked to allergies, diabetes, coeliac disease, depression and even schizophrenia.

Test results have shown that the glycaemic index of wholegrain bread is higher than white bread, shredded wheat cereal and even a MARS bar!! A study conducted has shown people who have cut wheat products completely out of their diet, have lost their excess weight, dropped poor eating habits (snacking consistently and/or late at night), increase in mood and focus, and eliminated chronic pain.

The most important information I am going to take from ‘Wheat Belly’ is that wheat is a major contributor to many diseases and ailments that effect all parts of our being – physically, mentally and emotionally and just by cutting down or even better, cutting out wheat products we can reduce some of these symptoms in just a matter of days! For more information about Hair Loss Treatment and Autoimmune or to share your hair loss story, email Absolique Trichologist at or call 07 3229 3242 to talk to our helpful team.

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