Hair Loss Treatments for Men, Choices

This time we are sharing results 8 months from the beginning of Absolique Hair Health Clinic Combination Therapy hair thinning and hair loss treatments. All of our hair thinning and hair loss treatments are within four-month time frames as this is the time it takes to make changes at a cellular level to be seen at scalp level. In the first four months we always have a lot of work to do topically and at a cellular level nutritionally.

At the four-month check in we do digital comparisons, begin microscopic tracking and check nutritional status and health through blood tests. For this case all was in order and this client had introduced and enjoyed many healthful changes to diet and lifestyle, which always helps. We put in place a plan to continue improving as we were addressing the squeeze of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) related to male pattern thinning that had been notably present for at least 4 years.


Hair Loss Treatments for Men, Choices:

  • First four months addresses all symptoms and causes
  • Second four months maintains results achieved and focuses on further improvement
  • Third four months is an individual choice of maintenance and/or further improvement
  • Healthful lifestyle choices assist minimizing DHT triggers, even if hereditary
  • DHT builds up slowly and has to be removed in the same way
  • Natural hair loss treatments require patients but deliver sustainable results

At our second four-month mark we recreated the original digital images and first microscopic tracking to honestly see how the hair thinning and hair loss treatments were progressing. The images we share here are from beginning of hair loss treatment to the eight-month mark which is the second set of 4 month increments. Please remember the first four months are the hardest (and most find it easy) and things do reduce over the second and third 4 months.

Absolique hair thinning and hair loss treatments are designed too easy and incorporated into your normal hair washing regime, with a few little Absolique tweaks. Most Absolique clients continue on to full hair recovery with a very basic hair washing and healthy lifestyle.

We are your hair guides and check in for you every 4 months. Once you are 100% happy we then check in every 6 months and then push out to every 12 months. This delivers peace of mind that the simple thing we have taught you are all you need to do to maintain your healthy head of hair.

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Hair Loss Treatments for Men, Choices

Hair Loss Treatment for Men