Hair Loss Treatments Results with Scope Sessions


SCOPE SESSIONS are a series of scalp level images taken at 50-60x magnification in up to 50 specific locations on your scalp with a highly magnified lens attached to a video microscope which we also use for hair loss and scalp conditions diagnosis.

Hair bulbs are also analyzed with 150x magnification to check for hair cycle problems, hair shaft defects and body disturbances.
It takes 3 months for changes to cells at the hair bulb to show on the surface of the scalp as a growing hair.

The growing hair shows if the body has had disturbances which have effected hair growth.
This is a very powerful tool for a Trichologist or Hair Specialist to identify and address individual hair loss and hair growth problems which are related to body health.
Additionally, the entire hair shaft, which is the length of hair coming from the scalp, can be viewed to identify past body disturbance that effected the proper hair growth and may now be presenting as hair breakage or problems with hair texture such as; frizzy hair, wiry hair, hard to manage hair and problems with hair colouring services.
Scope Sessions are valuable to measure results especially in the early stages of hair loss treatments as you may not see the new growth visually for up to 3 months.

Only with magnification of the scalp can you accurately assess the progression of the hair loss treatments.
Scope Sessions show precisely where your hair is at now, which quantifies results or regression of your hair loss or scalp condition.
Scope Sessions are also very helpful to document where your hair is at today, especially if you have hair loss in your family or past hair loss history.

By documenting the hair at scalp level today, you are ensuring a reliable source to compare to in the future to ensure the stability of your hair growth, hair loss or scalp condition.

Comparisons from Scope Sessions clearly demonstrate how effective our Hair Loss Treatments combinations and products are.

Yours in Healthy Hair,

Carolyn Evans-Frost I.A.T. Trichologist

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