Hair Specialist Trichologist – The Scalp Dermis

Not only is hair a completely different structure to the scalp, the scalp has a surface which is called the ‘epidermis’ and also many layers underneath that form the ‘dermis’. The epidermis is what we look at for signs of the hair health and hair growth changes relating to hair thinning, hair loss and disturbed hair cycles.

The dermis show many more signs like the health of the oil gland (sebaceous gland) attached to each and every hair follicle, the arrector pili muscle, which is why it hurts when you pull your hair, the rate of cellular division which when going too fast can appear as dandruff on the scalp and most importantly, the blood supply to the hair delivering the oxygen and nutrients to the hair bulb so the hair gets what it needs to grow.

Hair Specialist Trichologist – The Scalp Dermis Microscopic diagnosis of the scalp shows:

  • Under and overactive oil glands, blocked oil glands, dehydrated under functioning oil glands
  • The tensile strength of the arrector pili muscle
  • Presence of too many dead skin cells
  • Health of scalp circulation
  • Presence of translucent hairs that cannot be seen on the epidermis or without a microscope

The dermis gives so many more clues to what can be seen on the epidermis. One of the main things of interest are the amount of these translucent hairs found, these hairs are alive, but have had so much cellular damage they have no structure. So when I am calculating the results expected from Absolique Natural Hair Loss Treatments, we always consider these tiny unseen to the eye translucent hairs.

The correct scalp preparation taught and practised at Absolique Hair Health Clinic address all of the issues found on the epidermis and dermis to deliver the best result in combination therapy. We share this with you in hope you will understand and appreciate why you need to follow our instructions of changing the way you wash your hair to focus on the scalp, to deliver the best results from addressing all symptoms and causes.

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Hair Specialist Trichologist – The Scalp Dermis

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