Hair Trichologist, How to Order Absolique Products

You may know we have an online store but may not understand why some of your recommended products are not available there. We can’t sell any of our prescriptive products there and there is no option for overseas shipping as this needs to be calculated individually.

We also find people order the wrong products for their individual hair loss or hair thinning needs and some have not yet had a diagnosis. We do like to provide an accurate diagnosis before recommending the right products for you.

Hair Trichologist, How to Order Absolique Products:

  • Email order to if you have had a diagnosis with Absolique
  • Email trichologist at if you need a diagnosis
  • Phone reception on 07 3229 3242 to order products or book diagnosis
  • Watch our videos and read our blogs to understand the correct application of products
  • Keep an eye on your pH and health, hair does not grow from air

Once you have your diagnosis you can email your order to or pick up the phone and talk to our reception team on 07 3229 3242. If we don’t answer the phone please leave a message and we promise to call you back! We will check your product history and make sure it matches your diagnosis and also inform you of any changes.

Delivery is usually 2 business days within Australia using Express Post. Overseas shipping varies. Payment is accepted by Credit Card over the phone or PayPal, our PayPal ID is if you can send money to a friend avoiding the fee please otherwise we do need to charge extra for PayPal as it plays havoc with our accounting system. Please don’t email Credit Card details. Absolique Hair Health Clinic – your hair specialists.

Hair Trichologist, How to Order Absolique Products

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