HairBeam Laser Therapy with Hair Loss Treatments

Laser Therapy for Hair Loss Treatments on its own will not fix the hair cycle, correct a damaged hair cell, block, stop or reverse dihydrotestosterone (DHT). When one understands the symptoms and causes of hair loss and hair thinning you will understand that Laser Therapy must always be used as a combination therapy for all Hair Loss Treatments.

Laser is a light and delivers energy to cells just like the sun delivers energy for photosynthesis to plants. When correctional therapies for Hair Loss treatments are undertaken the combination of the therapies will always be enhanced with Laser energy.

When combining Laser Therapy with Hair Loss Treatments you need to understand the spectrum of light required to be therapeutical and the nanometers of the laser diodes. Just like light bulbs, the lights used in lasers are different. Some laser lights are not at a high enough spectrum to be therapeutic so using such devises for Hair Loss Treatment would be a waste of time and money. Remember you do get what you pay for. Do your research when choosing a Laser therapy devise for HomeCare or ask your trusted Hair Loss Treatments Clinic to recommend a proven devise such as the HairBeam used by Trichologist Carolyn Evans-Frost I.A.T. For over 8 years.

Absolique Hair Health Clinic HomeCare Laser Therapy with Hair Loss Treatments instructions using HairBeam:

  • Goal 1 hour each week
  • Maximum 20 minutes at a time
  • Not before or after topical hair loss treatments
  • On a different day or a different time of day to topical hair loss treatments
  • Always in combination therapy with topical hair loss treatments
  • Buy from a reputable provider who can explain laser therapy
  • Have a qualified diagnosis of your hair loss or hair thinning
  • Understand laser therapy won’t fix hair loss or hair thinning

Absolique Hair Health Clinic offer ‘Hair Health Check’ with Trichologist who will demonstrate diagnosis with live video microscope and show you exactly what is happening with your hair cycle, hair cell and if and pattern thinning associated with dihydrotestosterone is present, then offer real solutions for you to chose your Hair Loss Treatments.

HairBeam Laser Therapy with Hair Loss Treatments

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