Healthy Hair and Hair Loss

Remember your healthy shiny hair, now remember when you noticed more hair in your brush, in the shower, when you washed your hair… You noticed the hair loss for a while and forgot about it because it stopped. But what matters here is understanding what caused the hair loss to make sure it was a one off incident and to also check in on your hair cycle to ensure hair comes back into its cycle and regrows as healthy hair.

Hair loss is generally diffuse, meaning it is spread out evenly amongst all of your head hairs. We all lose hairs every day, between 70 – 160 to be exact. However, when something happens in the body it can cause your growing hairs to fall as well as your triggered falling hairs. This can result into up to 300 hairs falling every day.


Healthy Hair and Hair Loss:

  • Natural hair loss is diffuse
  • We all lose hair every day, this is part of a healthy hair cycle
  • We lose between 70 – 160 hairs every day
  • Diffuse hair loss can trigger up to 300 hairs to fall per day for 3 months
  • Triggers for diffuse hair loss are always 3 months earlier
  • Most cases of diffuse hair loss are self-correcting and the hair loss should stop after 3 months
  • It is important to check in on your hair cycle when recovering from diffuse hair loss to ensure the hair grows back to your genetic hair type


Once the process of diffuse hair loss begins it will continue for 3 months, there is no stopping it as the cause was what happened in the body 3 months earlier. This is scientifically proven, so if you feel you have annual or seasonal hair fall, look into the body changes around those times, as it takes a lot to make human hair fall out.

Diffuse hair loss is when a body disturbance causes your anlagen growing hair to fall way out of your genetic cycle. Every hair on your hair has your genetic code, your DNA which holds your hair type, hair density and hair cycle. So back to diffuse hair loss, it makes your growing hairs go prematurely into the falling phase, so it is out of cycle.

If body conditions are not ideal when this now empty follicle tries to come back into your hair cycle, it can do one of two things. One, it may lay dormant and not regrow a hair at all because it does not have from the body what it needs. Two, the hair may return to your cycle but the body may have some low storage levels so the hair regrows but does not replicate your genetic hair type resulting in diffuse hair thinning.


This happens because your genetic hair code, your hair cell DNA, has not been replicated. The hair very well may be growing back but it has lost its layers and will no longer be shiny, lost its strength, and now difficult to manage.

If you have or have had hair loss, always check in with Absolique Trichologist to make sure your hair cells are getting all they need from the body to ensure your genetic hair type regrows. New hair growth following diffuse hair loss can take 9-12 months so you don’t want to wait to see how it is going to regrow. Find out now and put a plan in place to make sure your hair will regrow as it was originally designed by your DNA. Call 07 3229 3242 or email Trichologist Carolyn Evans-Frost

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Healthy Hair and Hair Loss