Healthy Scalp Vs Scalp Problems

The only way most people can tell they have a healthy scalp is that the scalp is not causing any problems, grief or concern. A healthy scalp will be will hydrated from a cellular level, have a normal functioning oil gland, normal functioning sweat glands, normal tension of the hair muscles the arrector pilli muscle, normal sized hair follicles with your normal hairs in them, normal circulation driven by the blood supply and also normal cellular layers from the dermis to the epidermis.

A heathy scalp can change over time when any of the above mentioned scalp functions starts to dysfunction on its own or in combination. For instance, a dehydrated scalp will be dry, pinched and can become tender. This tenderness and dehydration will pull on the arrector pilli muscle symptoms such as tight scalp. Diffused damaged (smaller hairs) will sit loosely in a follicle causing sore scalp. Over and under active oil glands can cause problems such as seborrhea dermatitis or the opposite, no oil glands which create the lubrication for keratinization and is also the scalps protective acid mantel.

Healthy Scalp Vs Scalp Problems, the appendages of the scalp:

  • Scalp dermis, epidermis and hyper dermis
  • Oil glands and sweat glands
  • Arrector pilli muscle
  • Hair follicle
  • Hair Bulb and hair bulge
  • Individual follicle blood supply

Overactive sweat glands on the scalp will cause a moist scalp resulting is a variety of nasties such as ammonia sitting on the scalp causing irritation. Under active sweat glands show body homeostasis is not functioning properly and can cause all sort of body and scalp problems. Scalp circulation may be over or under active causing an array of problems from irritation, inflammation or the opposite providing the hair with limited blood supply, nutrients and oxygen to grow.

In most cases there is a combination of scalp dysfunctions happening that have been gradual and unnoticed until discomfort is felt or physical changes are noted such as scalp scale. Some of the common words you will hear to describe scalp problems are: dandruff, psoriasis, seborrhea dermatitis, oily hair, folliculitis and inflamed follicles.

What is important here is correct diagnosis. One must address all symptoms and causes at the same time but also understand why normal function was lost? Most scalp problems can be easily addressed, cure is a very strong word especially when overlapping with autoimmune conditions, body nutritional deficiencies, imbalances and hormonal changes then one must not forget stress.

Absolique Hair Health Clinic Trichologist has great success in providing relief of scalp concerns within as little as 2 weeks but it is needs to be understood that maintaining the health of the scalp is imperative by taking on board Absolique Scalp Brush Therapy, Scalp Cleansing and our favorite, Activance.

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Healthy Scalp Vs Scalp Problems