Hereditary Hair Loss and Hair Thinning

Hereditary Hair Loss and Hair Thinning

Hereditary Hair Loss and Hair Thinning

Hereditary hair loss tends to be of the autoimmune types while hereditary hair thinning is female pattern thinning and male pattern thinning. Diffuse hair thinning is related to health and the hair cycle and can be affected by hereditary health problems. Hereditary hair loss and hair thinning are not a curse.

If you or your family members have a history of hair loss, hair thinning or autoimmune tendencies, then protective measures should be put in place as prevention. We live in a reactive society, and tend to only take action when there is a problem. If we take a preventative approach when we know there is a family history, you can indeed protect yourself from hereditary influences.

Hereditary Hair Loss and Hair Thinning:

  • Autoimmune systemic problems such as thyroid and diabetes
  • Alopecia Areata and the many forms of autoimmune alopecia
  • Autoimmune iron problems such as haemochromatosis and hemolytic anemia
  • Male pattern thinning
  • Female pattern thinning
  • Combination of autoimmune hair loss and hereditary pattern thinning is common

These days we have early onset pattern thinning, meaning a pattern of thinning related to male pattern thinning and female pattern thinning is noticed at a much earlier age than other generations of family members. This is usually combined with autoimmune influences that are coming from our food, personal care products and environment.

In the event there are hereditary health or hair problems, protective and preventative measures should be incorporated into lifestyle. Simple measures can be to understand product ingredients and avoid chemicals. Be aware of your pH and consume organic foods with correct food combining. Or an easier option is to use base nutrition with alkalizers to support antioxidants which will neautralize the free radical effect caused by modern life and food.

Antioxidant supported by alkalizers and base nutrition can protect you internally whilst also applying antioxidants topically such as Activance and Absolique GRN used and recommended by Absolique Hair Health Clinic for hair loss and hair thinning. For more information or to put protective factors in place against Hereditary Hair Loss and Hair Thinning, for yourself or family members contact Absolique Hait Health Clinic Trichologist by email or call our helpful reception team on 07 3229 3242.

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Hereditary Hair Loss and Hair Thinning