Home Care Hair Loss Treatments

Changing times drive the direction of business as has happened with service options available at Absolique Hair Health Clinic. Traditionally we offered ‘In Clinic’ done for you ‘Hair Loss Treatments’. This service included a 4 month program and proved successful in delivering results, however was found to be unsuitable for many clients who really needed help due to the constant pressures of time and money.

In an effort to help more people with hair loss Absolique Trichologist embarked on various trials to track results of Home Care Hair Loss Treatments. This entailed training volunteers to perform the required Hair Loss Treatments including topical and nutritional where necessary, 100% from the comfort and convenience of their own home for the entire 4 month program. Results were tracked microscopically and digitally at the beginning and end of the 4 month trail.

Home Care Hair Loss Treatments include:

  • Individual Diagnosis
  • Personalized Home Care Plan
  • Topical Treatments
  • pH Testing and Alkalizing where necessary
  • Nutritional Therapy where needed
  • Online and Phone Support

The results have come in and we are pleased to announce Home Care Hair Loss Treatments have delivered the same level hair improvement previously only available in clinic. With this new information we are confident to convert our 4 month Hair Loss Treatment in clinic program to Home Care Hair Loss Treatments.

What this means is we can help more people and offer an effective and affordable solution to address Hair Loss and Hair Thinning. The first step is always correct diagnosis to provide information relating to your individual hair loss problem. We ask you to take the information away and digest your diagnosis and treatments options for 5-7 days. We then schedule a Complimentary follow up appointment either in clinic or over the phone to answer any questions you have and help direct Hair Loss Treatments that will suit you.

Once we know the path you have chosen we will use our instruction videos and extensive Home Care Instruction sheet to teach you how to accurately incorporate your Hair Loss Treatment from home. We will take digital photos for you in clinic or direct you how to do this if you cannot visit us to track results.

Scope Sessions (microscopic tracking of Hair Loss Treatments results) are encouraged because the microscope does not lie and can uncover things not see with the naked eye. Cost is $200 each session which are spaced 4 months apart, and is the best way to see the benefit of all your efforts.


If you have had a diagnosis with Absolique Hair Health Clinic Trichologist in the past and felt Hair Loss Treatment was out of your reach contact us to investigate your new options info@absolique.com.au or phone 07 3229 3242

Home Care Hair Loss Treatments

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