Home Treatments for Hair Loss with your own USB Microscope

Microscopes are an accurate way to diagnose the difference between hair loss, hair thinning, pattern thinning and the hair cycle and useful to track results from Home Treatments for Hair Loss. If you live close enough to visit Absolique Hair Health Clinic in Brisbane or Sydney, Trichologist Carolyn Evans-Frost will use her microscope and demonstrate how to read:


  • The hair cycle
  • Show the difference between hair loss and hair thinning
  • Point out the different signs found on the scalp
  • Check the quality and structure of the hair actively growing
  • Advise the correct hair loss treatment options.


For those who cannot visit in clinic we have found it useful to use your own USB microscope to capture images over particular areas of the scalp and send them via email for phone and Skype consultations.


Along with rapidly developing technology the traditional and expensive microscopes are now portable, accurate and inexpensive making it a viable option for many interstate and international clients.


I have used one of these USB microscopes when travelling to Sydney to help clients choose the right Home Treatments for Hair Loss. The USB microscope does not have all the features of my clinic microscope but is very handy at providing clear images of the hair and scalp for correct diagnosis.


There are now many brands and options available and all I need is at least 60x magnification to be able to read the microscopic image of the scalp hair. When magnification gets higher than 100x it can become to small an area to compare growing hairs with surrounding hairs which is a very important part of the process. I recently consulted with a client in Washington who purchased a USB microscope from eBay for @ $20 and the image quality was good enough for me to read.


Just a word of warning don’t get too carried away with the microscope by checking in with your scalp and hair to frequently, cellular changes take 4 months to reach the surface of the scalp. Patience is the key!

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Check out our online scope sessions and videos to get an idea of the images required:




Home Treatments for Hair Loss with your own USB Microscope

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