Journey to Hair Loss Treatments – Chris’s Story

Like most Hair Loss stories Chris did not turn to Hair Loss Treatments straight away, her hair problems were noticed 5 years ago after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Chris naturally has had fine hair all her life so when she noticed her hair was thinning and a bald patch was developing she thought it would just get better over time, but it didn’t so she wanted to get help and started looking for Hair Loss Treatments. Chris turned to the internet to search for a Trichologist (Hair Specialist) because she wanted to confirm the shape her scalp was in and discuss the lack of hair growth she was experiencing. Chris shared that she used hot rollers to help add extra body to her hair but since the chemo the rollers were no longer helping. She said her hair was so thin and seems to get to a length and then stops growing and it had no body whatsoever. Chris also stressed that her hair was now see thru and that she could see her scalp.

When Chris finally came to Absolique Hair Health Clinic Trichologist Carolyn Evans-Frost I.A.T. performed a diagnosis session using a powerful video microscope called a ‘Hair Health Check’.

Chris’s diagnosis from Hair Health Check:

  • Past Diffuse Hair Loss
  • Interrupted Hair Cycle
  • Empty Hair Follicles in Terminal Area
  • Female Pattern Thinning from DHT (dehydrotestosterone)
  • Empty Hair Follicles from DHT
  • Vellus Hairs from DHT

Sounds like a lot but in actual fact is good news. Why, because she did not have Hair Loss, her hair loss was in the past. Also noted Chris has children so has had Post Partum Alopecia (post pregnancy hair loss) a type of diffuse hair loss a few times. Chris’s hair was not growing properly but the empty follicles were still open, still alive, so there was still hope.

We embarked on a 4 month combination correctional program addressing all the causes and symptoms to form Chris’s Hair Loss Treatments. We used in clinic treatments with HomeCare for the duration of the Hair Loss Treatments.

Below are the Before and After Hair Loss Treatments images taken with the microscope at scalp level and also digital images to demonstrate the changes in hair density, volume and overall appearance. We are very happy with Chris’s results and here are some snippets Chris shared during her journey:

“Hi there girls, thanks for your help yesterday. I have noticed my nails have started to grow!!! Which hopefully means my hair may be growing too – it’s just too fine to notice as yet”

“Positive comments from Sarah this week. She can see new hair!”

“Treatment going well with extra care from Sarah. I look forward to my appointment each week.”

“Thanks Sarah for your excellent service this week. Looking forward to some positive growth in the New Year (referring to my hair of course)! Merry Christmas to you all at Absolique”

“Thanks Sarah for your excellent service again. New growth seems to be progressing well”

“Really happily surprised. Lots of new growth which I never thought could happen!!”

“A really positive meeting re my results. I am so happy to continue with my treatment as the results speak for themselves”

“So nice to catch up with the girls. Just had a friend from Sydney staying with me and first comment she made was about my hair and how good it looked!!”

Chris has continued with her HomeCare regime and continues to see more improvement all the time. If you need help with Hair Thinning or Hair Loss please contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic so we can help you with a professional diagnosis, treatment plan and achieve healthy hair forever.

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