Laser Treatments for Hair Loss Combination Therapy

If you haven’t yet heard the good news, In Clinic Hair Loss Treatments are no longer needed as we have been able to convert our proven Combination Therapy Natural Hair Loss Treatments to 100% Home Care. This is a huge breakthrough as it makes Hair Loss Treatments in reach of many more people who really need our help. The biggest challenges for many was the time/money component associated with Hair Loss Treatments in Clinic. So we practised, taught, trailed and microscopically tracked results achieved from clients performing their own at Home Hair Loss Treatments with help of our written Instruction Sheets, Instruction Videos, email and phone support for the first 4 months of Hair Loss Treatments with the results matching that of our in Clinic program.

The only component missing for some from Home Care is the Laser Treatment due to time limitations. The Home HairBeam Laser is $800 but has to be used for a total of 1 hour a week and always at a different time of day to your physical Hair Loss Treatments. When asked the question of time, clients were honest in saying they could not find 1 hour a week for 4 months to apply Home HairBeam laser.

So we have a solution! Laser Treatments for Hair Loss Combination Therapy

  • We have our clinical laser available for you to come in and use
  • This laser has more diodes so treatment time is only 15 minutes a week
  • Deliver the same amount of energy as the Home HairBeam Laser
  • Cost per 15 minute Laser Treatment is $40
  • You will need 12 sessions within 4 months for it to be effective
  • Always use laser with Combination Therapy
  • Make sure you have correct diagnosis

Laser is energy and helps with cellular energy that is perfect for the uptake of nutrients and/or removal of DHT related to most Hair Loss Treatments. Remember Laser energy alone cannot grow hair. You must address all of the symptoms and causes present, then and only then would you consider Laser energy always in Combination Therapy.

Laser is not essential and as Trichologist at Absolique Hair Health Clinic I constantly prove with my microscopic tracking method ‘Scope Sessions’ that you can indeed get great results from Hair Loss Treatments without Laser Therapy. However, if you could do everything possible to enhance Combination Therapy Hair Loss Treatments I would recommend the inclusion of Laser Therapy.

If Home Laser with HairBeam suits you best they are available from Absolique Hair Health Clinic and we offer a buy back scheme so when you have finished your Home Laser Treatments you can let us know and we will offer sell your second hand Hair Beam to the next interested client. Keep in mind it must be in original packaging and condition and will have to be a reasonable price.

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Laser Treatments for Hair Loss Combination Therapy

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