Male Pattern Thinning Mens Hair Loss Treatments Tracking

There are so many choices when it comes to hair loss treatments and hair thinning treatments, how do you know which one is right for you? Starting with correct diagnosis is always the first place to go, and making sure it is a qualified diagnosis not a program sale script that is one solution fits all with ongoing program costs.

For this case, it would seem to be straight forward male pattern thinning given the location of the hair thinning at recessions and top, front of scalp. But microscopic diagnosis found the hair cycle and diffuse hair growth also had problems but is not usually noticed because it is a t the back of the head. When deciding hair loss treatment for pattern hair thinning with hair growth products, one must consider all symptoms and causes to get a result.

Male Pattern Thinning Mens Hair Loss Treatments; the below mentioned steps can only follow a correct diagnosis of individual hair loss or hair thinning concerns and evaluation of scalp condition:

  • Correct diagnosis
  • Scalp Brush Therapy
  • Scalp Cleansing
  • Scalp Tonique
  • Microneedle Therapy
  • Activance Practitioner Formula
  • Absolique GRN
  • PG free 5% Minoxidil

In this individual case, the hair thinning had been noticed over the last 5 years and the goal was to at least slow down the hair thinning, stop the hair thinning and achieve some hair growth. We were restricted with some health concerns and could not use any nutrition so the only option was to follow topical hair loss treatment with the above combined hair growth products.

The above hair loss treatment is introduced into your usual hair washing regime and needs to be followed every 2nd day or 3 times a week for the 1st 4 months. We check in at four months digitally to see what we have achieved because everybody is different. Digital photos show increased hair density in the pattern thinning areas so it is decided to continue on with the now easy topical hair washing regime which is the hair thinning treatment.

Contact Absolique Trichologist for your individual hair loss or hair thinning diagnosis or even if you want to track the results of your own hair loss treatment. No we have the digital result for this case we start microscopic tracking as we will be reducing the topical hair thinning treatment over time and want to track results maintenance, check in is usually every 4 months. Male Pattern Thinning Mens Hair Loss Treatments Tracking is possible for anyone anywhere in the world. Email Absolique Hair Health Clinic Trichologist or call our helpful reception team on 07 3229 3242.

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Male Pattern Thinning Mens Hair Loss Treatments Tracking