Men’s Hair Loss Treatment Results

Men’s Hair Loss Treatment Results Before

Men’s Hair Loss Treatment Results Before

A story that demonstrates how a little bit can deliver a lot. Most young men in their early 20’s who visit Absolique are focused on the online recommendations without really understanding what the problem is. There were some hair loss treatments tried as recommended online, but with little result and a side effect of hair loss.

This story is about male pattern thinning that has a hereditary background. Seeking real advice is always the best step to put your mind at ease. A lot of what you read when looking for online solutions, is marketing, not really the whole truth, and is there to trigger you into action.

Men’s Hair Loss Treatment Results:

  • Family history male pattern thinning
  • Tried nizoral
  • Attempted over the counter minoxidil
  • Experiencing hair loss and hair thinning
Men’s Hair Loss Treatment Results After

Men’s Hair Loss Treatment Results After

The understanding of male pattern thinning has come a long way in the past 20 years. There are many more options and natural solutions that were available back when this may have begun for your dad or grandad. The best thing Absolique can do for you is help you understand your options, you do have many more these days.

The solutions are no longer only of the prescription medicine kind with side effects. There is recent research that proves antioxidants can indeed hold back the effects of male pattern thinning, in an otherwise healthy individual, with the use of antioxidants. This story represents the use of only topical antioxidants on a clean scalp following safe scalp cleansing. We tracked the result for the first four months and happy with the result with simple prevention just by changing your hair washing regime and a safe topical antioxidant.

Correct diagnosis is the key to understanding the choices you have when it comes to men’s hair loss and men’s hair thinning. The scalp condition also needs to be individually understood to avoid any further scalp irritation. Contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic to find out about our microscopic diagnosis and consultation service or for more information on Men’s Hair Loss Treatment Results. Email Absolique Trichologist at or call 07 3229 3242 to talk with our helpful reception team.

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