Men’s Hair Thinning Treatment Story

Men’s Hair Thinning Treatment Before

Men’s Hair Thinning Treatment Before

In this Men’s Hair Thinning Treatment story we are demonstrating how simple, targeted hair thinning treatment can prevent further hair thinning and provide gradual hair growth. The photos we share with this story are from the second four months of hair thinning topical treatment in an otherwise healthy individual along with support from a healthy, alkalising green drink to take a men’s health supplement that also supports preventing any further hair thinning from hereditary factors.

Original diagnosis found there was a hereditary influence noted in grandfather, father and brothers. Microscopic diagnosis found the reported hair loss, hair thinning, and dry hair were due solely to male pattern thinning. Male pattern thinning can be caused by genetic factors, hormonal influence, environmental exposure and can also be a free radical effect.

Men’s Hair Thinning Treatment Story:

  • Targeted male pattern thinning treatment
  • Prevention plan in place when hereditary factors
  • Men’s health supplement may be included
  • Address both symptoms and causes
Men’s Hair Thinning Treatment After

Men’s Hair Thinning Treatment After

Male pattern thinning is a dominant trait when there are genetic factors, this means there only needs to be one gene from either fathers or mothers side, for you to show the trait. Nowadays, this is not a curse but more a choice of what to do to prevent it if you so wish. Prevention is the first step following correct diagnosis before attempting any regrowth.

It is sadly a common story based on online misinformation, for a young man to attempt hair thinning hair regrowth without understanding all the actual causes. Hair loss and hair thinning have very different causes so one must be clear on what they are treating to for the right hair thinning treatment plan and be sure it is not health related hair loss.

We have provided an easy and affordable hair thinning treatment maintenance plan to continue to improve whilst also preventing further male pattern hair thinning at the same time. In the first year of men’s hair thinning treatment, we check in every four months to make sure health and hair growth are on track and can then drop the hair thinning treatment down where possible for easier maintenance. We will always tailor your treatment to your individual needs and lifestyle changes at any time of your life. For more information on Men’s Hair Thinning Treatment Story or to share you hair thinning story email Absolique Hair Health Clinic Trichologist at or call 07 3229 3242 to speak with or friendly reception team.

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