Men’s Hair Thinning Treatments

Men’s Hair Thinning Treatments Before

Men’s Hair Thinning Treatments Before

We share these results to demonstrate how correct diagnosis and basic hair thinning treatments can be all that is required to deliver some results. This case could have easily been mistreated as typical male pattern hair thinning if he had not sought professional advice.

Absolique consultation and microscopic diagnosis service uncovered more than usual hair loss with recession areas becoming thinner. There was no history of hair loss except for a gradual hair thinning for male family members around middle-age. This young man was only 21.

Men’s Hair Thinning Treatments:

  • Hair loss was caused by a stressful time that resulted in poor food, poor sleep and tummy upsets
  • Hair loss had stopped, stress, food, sleep and tummy had returned to normal
  • Hair loss uncovered early onset male pattern hair thinning
  • Hair loss and lowered nutritional status had disturbed the hair cycle
Men’s Hair Thinning Treatments After

Men’s Hair Thinning Treatments After

Understanding the real cause, not focusing on the obvious pattern hair thinning, was the key to this successful result. It is far too common that people jump to the wrong conclusion and waste time and money treating the wrong this and causing further hair loss and scalp damage in the process.

Professional diagnosis will look at the big picture especially health and blood tests. A microscope should always be used to assess hair health, scalp health, status of hair cycle and presence/absence or percentage of pattern hair thinning compared to diffusely thinning hairs representing the hair cell function.

With all the right information, all we needed to do was Basic Topical hair thinning treatment for 4 months to deliver this result, with healthful changes, of course. We were all happy with this result so have decided to continue the basic topical simple hair washing regime the Absolique way to maintain healthy scalp and hair and prevent the onset of pattern hair thinning. Contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic for more information on Men’s Hair Thinning Treatments and to book your individual microscopic consultation service. We will give you the truth about your hair thinning, save your hair and wasted time and money on hair thinning treatments that don’t work. Phone 07 3229 3242 or email Absolique Trichologist at

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