Men’s Story – Hair Loss Treatment

Men’s Story - Hair Loss Treatment Before
Men’s Story – Hair Loss Treatment Before

Men’s Story – Hair Loss Treatment

Here we have a 37-year-old male concerned about hair loss and a bald patch, with a family history of male pattern thinning and female diffuse hair thinning. He noticed his hair was progressively thinning over the last 15 months, which was unusual for pattern thinning, as this is typically a slow process.

Other than a past hip fracture and other sports injuries that did not call for medication or surgery, this individual was generally healthy. With every client, Absolique Trichologist requires past and current blood work results to see what it is going on internally, and gauge whether there is adequate cell function for healthy hair growth. This clients blood work showed that his vitamin D levels were low, which often means essential fatty acids (EFAs) are low. These are components required for a healthy hair, skin and nails, normal cell function, and a happy immune system. We also found high ferritin, which can be problematic due to its relation to hematomacrosis.

Men’s Story – Hair Loss Treatment:

  • Male pattern thinning family history
  • Inadequate cellular function
  • Low vitamin D and EFAs
  • High-end ferritin (iron stores)
  • Positive results without the use of DHT inhibitors or minoxidil
Men’s Story - Hair Loss Treatment After
Men’s Story – Hair Loss Treatment After

After going under the microscope, I was able to diagnose scalp oil and scale which is often linked to a deficiency in EFAs. We uncovered that the hair in the terminal area was not growing as it should be, due to the possibility of previous imbalances which may have caused hair loss or thinning in the past. Male pattern thinning was also present in the typical pattern thinning areas – temples, front and top of head.

We discussed treatment options, from a basic hair washing regime to a full hair cell/hair cycle stabilising treatment plan. Some individuals can benefit from a simple plan to seize their hair thinning or hair loss, however this client was wanting to regrow hair, so we opted for a full topical treatment plan without the use of minoxidil.

Due to safety and fertility reasons, minoxidil is not often recommended to clients and Absolique will always elect safer steps before recommending. Absolique GRN – grow, revitalize, nourish is a safe and effective alternative to minoxidil. Once commencing treatment, we will check in every four months to assess health and track hair regrowth with microscopic and digital comparison images.

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