Microneedle with Natural Hair Loss Treatments

The Scalp Roller microneedle is an integral part of Absolique natural hair loss treatments and hair thinning treatments as a facilitator to assist absorption of natural hair growth products. The tiny microneedles create micro channels on the scalp surface which assists absorption of hair growth products without the need for chemicals traditionally used to break through the scalp skin barrier.

The microneedle also triggers a natural healing action which also assists in the process of cellular hair growth and collagen production for healthy scalp. The 192 stainless steel microneedles with 0.75mm needle length are like the tip of the needles used in acupuncture. The word microneedle conjures up fear in many individuals but if you have ever had acupuncture you would know it is not an unpleasant experience.

Microneedle with Natural Hair Loss Treatments – Microneedle Life:

  • 192 stainless steel Microneedles with 0.75mm needle length
  • Process is pain free, just moderate pricking sensation
  • Supports collagen and elastin repair and can be used on all areas of the scalp
  • Is cost effective, reusable and lasts up to 180 applications when cared for as directed
  • Suitable for all skin types except stainless steel allergic skin, active acne, eczma, warts, moles, skin cancers or broken irritated scalp skin
  • Solid, durable, high quality autoclavable plastic that will withstand temperature up to 180 degrees
  • Should be used only and exclusively by one person
  • Can be cleaned with a medical grade alcohol sterilizing solution or denture cleaner

If pain or bleeding is experienced reduce the pressure when applying your Microneedle Scalp Roller or check the age of your Microneedle Scalp Roller. The needles do become blunt over time and it may need replacing. There will be no visible signs of the needle sharpness deteriorating, but if you notice any increase in pain while using the Microneedle Scalp Roller it is a sign the needles are becoming less sharp and you will need to replace it. After 180 uses, you should replace your Microneedle Scalp Roller.

Always check with Absolique Trichologist before replacing your microneedle to ensure if it is still required for your maintenance hair loss treatments or hair thinning treatments as things do become easier overtime and most times we can drop out the microneedle once we have reached your desired result.

Remember scalp roller microneedle on its own is not a hair loss treatment or a hair thinning treatment, it is only a facilitator and should never be used with any chemical solutions, never used on broken or irritated skin and never used more frequently than once every second day.

Contact Absolique Hair Health Clinic Trichologist or reception team for more information on Microneedle with Natural Hair Loss Treatments. Call 07 3229 3242 or email info@absolique.com.au

Microneedle with Natural Hair Loss Treatments